Form Fill and Seal Machines

Form fill and seal machines, also referred to as form-fill-seal (FFS) systems, are used to form packages, fill them with either wet or dry products, and then seal them closed.

Many FFS machines utilize a type of flexible film for the primary packaging, which may be used to form a bag or a pouch. However aseptic and gable-top cartons may also be created in FFS operations.

Blister packs are generally produced using thermoform fill and seal machines that are similar to FFS equipment, but not the same.

There are various types of FFS machines available, some of which fill packages from the side, and some from the top.

Types of Form Fill and Seal Machines

Bag and pouch-making processes are varied and include:

  • Vertical FFS
  • Horizontal FFS
  • Flow wrap
  • Flat-bed pouchers
  • Thermoform fill seal

The machines used for each of these processes have different requirements in terms of the film, applications and barriers used.

Sealing Methods for Form Fill and Seal Machines

Heat sealing has long been the preferred method used to seal packaging that is formed and filled this way. In recent years, ultrasonic sealing has grown in popularity, largely because it can be used for products that are sensitive to heat. Ultrasonic sealing also allows sealing through liquids and it utilizes a very narrow sealing band that effectively reduces any excess, in this way saving materials.

Logos for graphics and logos may be included on the seal area using ultrasonic methods.

MESH Solutions for Form Fill and Seal

MESH specializes in the retooling of existing form, fill and seal machines including control system migration, pallets, forming stations, trim systems and slitters, as well as automated loading subsystems that may be robotic or pick and place.  We also supply packing and palletizing systems.

Many FFS machines are built overseas, which often results in service and support being a huge challenge for manufacturers. Now MESH can reverse engineer your machine and provide you with a credible domestic source for the critical elements of your machine.

In all cases, MESH can offer track and trace software packages, remote diagnostic capabilities and ongoing support and service contracts.

Contact us to see how our expert engineering can help you with form fill and seal processes.