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Robotic Machine Tending

Machine tending is one of those dull, potentially dangerous jobs that require accuracy and consistency. The person in charge of machine tending must oversee the process, and load/unload parts into and out of the machine. The mundane and repetitive nature of the job make it ideal candidate for the application of robotic machine tending for loading, deburring and gauging.

Not only do robots raise safety levels in facilities where they are used for machine tending, but they also improve quality, consistency, reliability, accuracy, and ultimately productivity. They provide cost-effective solutions that may be used to tend all types machines, making them suitable for any production line that will benefit from automation.

MESH Automation offers industry-defining robotic machine tending with intuitive solutions for the most complex applications. Whether you have a product forming or product machining issue to resolve, we are able to work through the problem from creative design to installation.

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers has a great deal of experience in machine tending applications, as well as a clear understanding of the components incorporated in the various automated machine tending systems. The team also has the design expertise required to create accurate and versatile end-of-arm tools for robots.

We focus our attention on the small details and consider numerous elements of part production such as cycle time, efficiency, machine uptime and downtime.

The MESH Solution for Robotic Machine Tending


MESH Automation offers both custom-made and pre-engineered packages that are tooled and programmed to meet the needs of any manufacturing operation. These range from small footprint, roll-up, flexible loading cells to multi-robot and gantry-style robot systems that require a wide range of machined parts.

Our pre-engineered packages are based on the ABB flexible machine tending solutions (formerly SVIA) that we integrate with our own MESH experience.

When implementing modern robotics and controls, we can automate both older and new machine tools for customers. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to group several machines into one cell – often a mix of existing and new machines – to make one automated solution with a given takt time and known product quality.

We are also able to supply everything you need for a complete turnkey system using OEM CNC machines. Our flexibility allows us to build on your floor or in our factory, depending on your preference.

Our partners include companies that make and supply some of the best machine tending robots in the world, including ABB, FANUC, iMS and Yaskawa Motoman.

The MESH Scope of Supply and Experience

The MESH scope of supply is incredibly varied, and includes:

  • Part presentation devices and flexible feeder systems
  • Vision-guided pick and pack solutions
  • Customizable robot end-of-arm tools
  • Re-grip and registration stands
  • Part-marking stations based on dot peen or laser markers
  • Part washer subsystems
  • Robotic de-burring, de-flashing, and surface cleanup solutions
  • De-palletizing and palletizing sub-systems for both dunnage and divider board approaches
  • Gauge stations with both manual and automatic gauging possible
  • Drill stands and auxiliary machine tools
  • Custom engineered machine tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Automatic door kit installation
  • Robot interfaces for existing machine tools
  • Fixture design and build

MESH Automation offers, amongst other things, traditional six-axis robot and gantry style robotic loading solutions for automation of machine tools and has completed many varied projects. Examples include:

  • Load and unload automation of chip making machines.
  • Injection mold machines and metal forming presses.
  • Aluminum wheel hub turning, drilling, tapping, pressing, and marking, from as-cast to completed hub machining and assembly.
  • Truck iron brake drum turning and drilling load/unload systems.
  • Pinion and gear blank processing; both loading of soft gear cutting and turning operations, as well as hard turn dimensioning, straightening and quality checking.
  • Loading and unloading, gauging and pack out of flywheels, pulleys, CV joints, and axles.
  • De-burring of steel pinions and gears, pump impellers, cast aluminum power steering pump bodies and rifle receivers.
  • Load and unload of differential carriers including washing and marking.
  • Load and unload of trailer hitches with post milling de-burring and marking

If you are in the market for a system that is designed for robotic machine tending, or simply want to explore the option, contact us today.