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Test & Inspection

Test & Inspection

The processes used for testing and inspection of equipment and manufacturing operations play a vital role in most industries, including those we work with on a regular basis. Even though the machines, equipment, and processes used for various types of manufacturing are quite different to one another, they need to be inspected and tested to ensure that they are compliant with regulatory standards and fit for their intended use.

Inspection and testing take place during the manufacture and assembly of equipment. Over time, these same machines and processes will need to be tested and inspected regularly as part of a maintenance plan that will keep them operating safely and efficiently.

Types of Tests and Inspections

There are various different tests and inspections that are carried out in the manufacturing industry as a whole. These include tests and inspections by machine operators, automatic tests and inspections, and tests that are carried out at fixed inspection stations. Results need to be verified before any equipment is used after testing.

MESH designs and builds test equipment specific to use, as well as testing processes, including:

  • Leak and mass flow testing machines that are used in the automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical and life sciences industries to test numerous products from seal assemblies and weldments to tubing products.
  • Specialty testing equipment and processes to meet individual customer needs from laboratory scale equipment to processes involving destructive testing.
  • Vision solutions that enable the testing of real-life solutions, detection of defects, and improve the ability of production personnel to select correct parts during the manufacturing process.

We have completed many successful projects using vision solutions, leak and mass flow testing machines, print and verify, and load testing, as well as many other custom applications that were unique to our customers’ products.

The MESH Commitment to Quality Testing and Inspection

MESH Automation recognizes that test and inspection equipment and processes are a big part of most manufacturing operations. Test and inspection also form a large part of MESH Automation’s business and investment. We not only train our engineers so they’re up-to-date with the latest test and inspection technologies, we also have a state-of-the art vision lab in-house. Additionally, our vision lab is equipped with 3D vision systems that allow us to create and test real-life solutions prior to implementation.

Inspection is more than just mounting cameras and programming software. It involves precise product presentation, consistent and correct lighting, and reject systems and verification.

Our training and expertise in testing and inspection, experience in industrial controls, our focus on machine design and build, and our vision lab make MESH your best choice for bringing your inspection process online.