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Automated Assembly Systems

MESH Automated Assembly Systems

MESH Automation designs and builds equipment and systems that use a wide variety of assembly, sorting, feeding and joining techniques.

We have specialized expertise in medical devices, automotive and consumer products, and have completed many successful projects to help our customers reach their goals.

MESH Assembly, Sorting, Feeding and Joining Expertise

Flexible Assembly Systems

At MESH, we understand the importance of reducing waste in your manufacturing processes, keeping the production flow running smoothly, and getting the most value from the investment our customers make.

Our experience integrating lean manufacturing principles into our automation designs will help you increase production efficiencies, minimize material waste, and control overall manufacturing costs.

MESH provides an array of customized solutions, ranging from lean cells to fully automatic assembly and test systems. So contact us today to see how we can work with you to develop a manufacturing solution that could help your business to optimize productivity, increase efficiency and potentially cut costs in the very near future

Sorting, Feeding, and Joining

Assembly machinery and systems can be broken down into a few core tasks.   These can be described as sorting, feeding and joining raw materials to make the end product in an automated or semi-automated fashion.   At MESH we have the experience in all three areas using modern methodologies and ingenious ideas to generate the whole solution.

The choice of assembly and joining methods used depend primarily on the industry involved, as well as the factory setup preferred by the manufacturer.

Fluid Carrying Lines

Fluid carrying systems represent a specialized area within a variety of different industries, primarily the automotive, refrigeration and HVAC industries. The challenge is to design these systems to meet incredibly demanding needs that will withstand the full range of environmental hazards and risks, including abrasion and corrosion.

Adhesive Lamination Lines

Adhesive lamination lines are used in many industries from flooring to doors and other similar building products. MESH has utilized our picking and palletizing technologies with our advanced knowledge of glue system integration to develop a complete lamination and glue line. No other North American company known to MESH has this technology in a complete line to offer.

Web Converting

Converting technologies and equipment needed to process sheets and various webs including paper, film, foil, and non-woven fabrics are improving all the time. MESH Automation has a team of expert engineers with a thorough understanding of web-based processes and converting systems. The challenge is to design, build and provide web-converting equipment that will deliver measurable advantages for customers’ production lines.

Automated Laser Measurement

Lasers are being implemented in modern manufacturing processes to measure a part for quality inspection reasons or for machine feedback. MESH Automation has implemented lasers in many different environments on many different parts. We have found that the skills needed to properly integrate a laser for measurement purposes are multidisciplinary and are still rooted in the machine/tooling design arena. Our DNA is in both machine/tooling design as well as software and controls and this is the perfect skill set for proper integration of laser measurement tools. MESH will also use our contact measuring experience to offer the right advice as to the methodology.

Automated Leak and Mass Flow Testing

Mass flow leak testing provides an efficient, reliable way to check the integrity of a product for its intended purpose. It is also a relatively simple non-destructive testing method.

Mass flow leak testing uses a device to measure the flow of air and in this way, detect and calculate leak rates. It is suitable for both large and small volumes of different types, from exhaust systems, seals, gaskets and gas meters to kitchen appliances, and is often used on products that have air or gas flowing through them. Components that operate using liquids may also be tested this way.

Marking and Tracking

Date codes, barcodes, text, and serialization are part of every product and the need is growing as customers demand tracking and manufacturers demand data. Technology is changing at a rapid pace in noncontact and contact methods making it harder to decide which methods offer the best value for your product. Let MESH help you decide with professional advise, examples to show and the ability to turnkey integrate it professionally into your production facility.

Once it is marked it probably needs to be tracked and MESH has the in-house machine and software skills to do both.

Mesh Automation > Automated Assembly Systems

While every business has its own needs, MESH Automation recognizes basic engineering solutions that often work across the board for different industries. For this reason our highly experienced team of engineers has developed a number of pre-engineered solutions that meet incredibly varied needs, from manual operations to automated robotics. So, instead of starting totally from scratch, many of our customers are able to get going with high-tech equipment that has already been tested and is ready to go.

MESH Isolation Partition System
Isolation Partition System with Industry 4.0 Features for Manufacturing and Assembly Lines
MAC Automation Cell Controller
The MAC Controller is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.
MAC Mesh Automation Cell | MESH Automation
The MAC (MESH Automation Cell) is a professional grade, pre-engineered, robotic-based flexible automation cell.
MINIMAC Pre-Engineered Solution | MESH Automation
The MESH Automation MINI MAC model 57 is a pre-engineered Robotic automation platform designed to be easily configured for a variety of tasks such as assembly, dispensing, marking (scribing, laser engraving or dot peen), vision inspection, stud welding, arc welding and other.
Mesh Automation > Automated Assembly Systems

The MESH Automation Difference

At MESH, we partner with our customers and aim to exceed your expectations at every step of the project.  This means we learn about your production needs and gain a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process of your product and your plant culture before we develop a solution for you. Contact us and we will suggest ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.

Contact us today to discuss how we can develop a manufacturing solution that could help your business optimize productivity, increase efficiency, and potentially cut costs.

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