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Leak Test, Assembly, and Laser Marking Machine Case Study
Project Details

Problem Statement; Customer required an automated machine that could perform post-mold processing, inspection, marking and assembly of a rotary seal product within the molding machine’s cycle rate. Machine to be manned part-time by molding machine operator and meet a safety performance level of E.

MESH designed, and built five machines that  accomplished the following tasks;

  • Cingulated and fed rotary seals from a cartridge feeder.
  • Knife trim of rubber flashing on the I.D. and disposal of waste
  • Spare station for future vision inspection
  • Mass flow/leak testing station
  • Laser engraving of outside diameter
  • Cingulated and fed plastic I.D. assembly aid.
  • Insertion of a plastic I.D. assembly aid into seal via robot and fixture
  • Placement of passed seals on the discharge conveyor in a collated manner
  • Placement of reject seals into a locked drawer.
Automation Equipment
  • Keyence laser
  • CTS Sentinel Blackbelt mass flow test inst.
  • FANUC 200ic LR Mate robot
  • Siemens controls
  • Robot End of Arm Tool
  • Quantity two cartridge style part feeders by MESH with walking beam transfer
  • Deflashing arbor and spindle
Machine Performance
  • Capacity Requirement: 15 seconds / piece
  • Seal and Assy Aid infeed capacity: 30 products
  • Seal diameter range: 25mm – 150mm
  • Laser marking of Julien date code and machine #
  • Mass flow 500 scc/m @ 3.6 psig
  • Poke Yoke features: Locked reject drawer w sensor detection
  • Expected Utilization Rate: 24 hours / 7 days
  • Equipment Availability: > 85%
  • Pushbutton changeover with no tool feeder change
  • 2.4mm cycles (2 years) between rebuild of linear components