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MESH Robot Transfer Unit for Medium Payload Robots

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MESH teams with Nexen for superior positional accuracy & repeatability

MESH Automation, located in Dawsonville, Georgia, USA, builds custom automation equipment and offers a standard line of pre-engineered modules that make up the backbone of its system.

MESH uses robots and motion controlled linear systems to move raw materials or finished goods throughout their processes. During the development of their robot transfer unit for medium payload robots (<75kg), MESH specified speeds of 4m/s with an acceleration of 3m/s2, high moment loads (up to 10,000Nm) on the robot carriage, path accuracy of .025mm, repeatability of .005mm and positional accuracy of .03mm. Additionally, MESH applies their equipment in many dirty environments typical of fabrication processes such as welding, grinding and finishing.

During their search for the right components and system design MESH contacted Nexen and inquired about their modular RPS Roller Pinion System.