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Automation Simulation and Prototyping

Automation Simulation and Prototyping

The implementation of integrated simulation technologies plays an increasingly important role in advanced engineering today, as more and more manufacturers want to evaluate design performance before going into production.

Irrespective of company size, manufacturers in many different industries are embracing innovation but still want higher quality products. They also strive to get products to market as quickly as possible, before their competitors. To do this, many manufacturers turn to engineering consultant services for their strategic simulation technology needs, particularly for design analysis and performance.

There are various types of design simulation both for:

  • Virtual testing and validation that tests the behavior of products in different environmental and operating conditions, and
  • Manufacturability that simulates the proposed manufacturing process and enables engineers to optimize the cost, quality and performance of products.

Broadly speaking design simulation reduces the costs and time of product development, improves quality, and avoids the need to do expensive, recurrent physical prototype testing.

However, in addition to automation simulation, virtual prototyping, and testing will determine whether designs will perform as intended. The most efficient way to conduct virtual prototyping is with integrated simulation tools that address issues that are present in software, because this eliminates the costs associated with prototype failure.

Simulation and Prototyping by MESH Automation

Simulating an automation cell during the design phase is a key component in MESH Automation’s new equipment design process. Our engineers can simulate many different brands of robots and they use SolidWorks software to show how the cell will function.

We operate several seats of Robot Studio for ABB robots and RoboGuide for FANUC robots as well.

The experienced, highly skilled engineering team at MESH develops a concept and then performs simulations of the robot or traditional motion-control aspects of the process. They factor in the actual loads, inertias, control processing and other elements to develop an accurate simulation. Changes to the process can be made easily to show alternatives.

If necessary, the MESH team will develop a prototype of the most difficult parts of the automation for proof of concept. Because of our comprehensive inventory of components, our excellent supplier networks and relationships, and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can usually perform this cost effectively and incredibly quickly.

Tools Used by MESH Automation to Simulate and Prototype

The tools used for automation simulation and virtual prototyping include:

  • SolidWorks Premium with simulation
  • ABB robotics simulation software Robot Studio
  • Fanuc robotics simulation software RoboGuide
  • Epson robotics simulation software
  • Flow systems waterjet processing machine
  • CNC machining centers
  • MasterCam software
  • Fabrication and assembly facility with 800 amps of 480V power

We will choose the best option for your business application. So call today to discuss how we can help.