MESH is exhibiting a MAC and MiniMAC at FABTECH in Atlanta, November 6-8!

Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Flexible Automation

Flexible Automation

Flexible automation involves customizing applications for manufacturing around single products and specific tasks without the threat of future limitations. So instead of overhauling assembly lines every product life cycle, flexible automation allows manufacturers to re-task systems so they can be used for other jobs down the line.

Robots are frequently used for flexible automation solutions, and when utilized correctly will evolve with the manufacturing process, reducing production costs, improving quality, and even minimizing (if not eliminating) health and safety issues that commonly arise in processing systems.

MESH customers who value flexible automation generally need an automation option that can easily be re-tasked for future orders. They realize that fixed automation may be less expensive in the short term, but know that by investing in flexible automation they will save money long-term, on future production lines. Flexible automation is particularly useful to our automotive, medical device and consumer products industry customers.

Flexible Automation is an Important Core Competency for MESH

MESH Automation has developed core competencies in the design, build, and commissioning of manufacturing systems used in assembly and product testing cells. Our experience in lean cells and in fully comprehensive and automated turnkey systems is extensive. In fact, only a few companies in the US can match our capabilities and experience in flexible automated systems.

We use a wide range of assembly and joining methods, and our machine retooling skills are excellent. Our automation hardware is extensive and includes robots, pneumatics, smart actuators, servo systems and other types that enable us to achieve the desired automation and cost goals of every customer.

Our professional electrical controls design and our mechanical engineering expertise and software development skills provide our customers with robust equipment and systems that meet their vital demand for a meaningful return on investment (ROI).

Whether you need individual lean cells or a multifaceted fully automated machine that provides a material handling solution, we can design and build a system with the best value for your needs.

MESH Automation’s Lean Principles

At MESH, we understand the importance of reducing waste in your manufacturing processes, keeping production flow running smoothly, and getting the most value from the investment our customers make.

Our experience integrating lean manufacturing principles into our automation designs will help you increase production efficiencies, minimize material waste, and control overall manufacturing costs.

MESH provides an array of customized solutions, ranging from lean cells to fully automatic assembly and test systems. So contact us today to see how we can work with you to develop a manufacturing solution that could help your business to optimize productivity, increase efficiency and potentially cut costs in the very near future.