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Assembly/Joining Methods

Assembly/Joining Methods

A wide range of assembly and joining methods are used for the flexible automation of machines, equipment and assembly lines. This applies to semi-automation as well as the full range of robotic solutions that deliver full automation.

The choice of assembly and joining methods used depend primarily on the industry involved, as well as the factory setup preferred by the manufacturer.

Joining methods MESH utilizes include:

  • Ultrasonic welding, both continuous and plunge
  • Heat staking and bonding
  • Mechanical fastening
  • Interference fitting
  • UV cured adhesive joining
  • Hot melt adhesive joining
  • Cold adhesive joining

Each of these joining methods has its merits and preferred applications. For instance, ultrasonic welding is commonly used in the automotive industry to assemble large components, including engine parts. Ultrasonic welding offers low cycle times, low capital costs, and flexibility, and provides an excellent automated option.

Automated assembly lines utilize:

  • Robotic solutions
  • Hard tooling systems
  • Pallet transfer cells
  • Linear systems
  • Dial machines

Robotic solutions offer the ultimate automated solution, taking the pressure of repetitive assembly and joining tasks off human workers. Robots are particularly useful for assembly processes including palletizing, packaging and labeling, pick and place, and various welding operations.

LEAN manufacturing systems incorporate single machine cells for semiautomatic processing or testing. Additionally, lean cells may be robotic, and even manually operated. The semi-automatic option is particularly well suited to manufacturing processes that involve lower volumes.

The MESH Automation Solution

MESH Automation designs and builds equipment and systems that use a wide variety of joining and assembly techniques.

We have specialized expertise in medical devices, automotive and consumer products, and have completed many successful projects to help our customers reach their goals.

If you decide to work with MESH, our sales engineers will collaborate with you on the front end of the project to develop and fine tune the assembly methods required to meet your production, quality, and return on investment (ROI) goals.

Throughout the process, a member of our team will be there every step of the way. We offer advice and support all the way through implementation, and beyond, and are available to provide service and support when needed.