MESH is exhibiting a MAC and MiniMAC at FABTECH in Atlanta, November 6-8!

Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Machine Tools

MESH provides our customers with specially engineered machine tools to be used for specialty applications. The possibilities are vast, catering to many different industry needs.

Having the right tools and machines for the job can make the difference between success and failure for any business. The machines we tool are commissioned by our customers to meet their own unique needs. This means that you don’t have to buy off-the-shelf machines and attempt to make them fit the process when you know there has to be a better way.

Machine Tools With MESH Automation

MESH Automation has a team of highly skilled engineers that has the expertise to design and build highly sophisticated automation systems. The company also has all the in-house capabilities to ensure that all our customers get maximum ROI.

The machines we design and build include inline transfer machines, rotary dial machines, and modified standard computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

  • Inline transfer machines are configured with a series of automated workstations that are arranged in a fairly straight line. This type of production line is often used to manufacture parts that require multiple processing operations. These frequently include drilling, milling, and other rotating cutter processes and are used for machining various parts including gearbox and axle box castings, cylinder and automotive engine blocks, and engine heads. Segmented inline configurations may also be used; these may be rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped, depending on floor space demands.
  • Rotary dial machines may be designed to provide a compact, cost-effective method of moving parts and products through an automatic production process. Multi-station rotary dial machines are particularly well suited to the production of assemblies and components at repeatable rates in low cycle times. A variety of mechanisms and proven automation technologies may be incorporated at the different stations including drilling units, lasers, robotics, vision systems, pressing, testing and dispensing systems
  • Modified standard CNC machines enable manufacturers to perform complex part fabrication quicker and more accurately. Because setup and integration take less time, these machines also increase productivity. Modifications to programs make them highly adaptable to a wide variety of different machining tasks. Another benefit is that sophisticated modified standard CNC machines can be used to automatically monitor work quality. If any deviations or defects are found, correction time is minimized.

More specific examples of machine tooling jobs MESH Automation has undertaken include:

  • Multihead drill and tap machines designed to speed up the process and ensure precision
  • Machines that have multiple in-process steps including, milling, drilling, tapping, marking gauging, and packing
  • Machines that auto feed, turn, thread, gauge, mark, and exit
  • Dedicated machines designed and built for high volumes and processes that require short takt times
  • Machines for drilling of small holes for electrical panel components including neutral bars and terminal strips

Rebuilding, Retooling, and Retrofitting

MESH Automation also rebuilds, retools, and retrofits machine tools, repairing, upgrading, and reconfiguring them. These provide very effective ways of upgrading equipment cost effectively, ultimately making existing systems considerably more efficient.

Additionally, rebuilding and retrofit services include tear down, clean up, and analysis of machines. We often build new servo slides and spindle drives and we add CNC controls like scales and digital readouts to non-CNC machines.

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