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Flooring and Laminating

Flooring and Laminating

Good quality engineered wood flooring is in high demand, but because the top wood-veneer layer is normally very thin, it is essential for it to be properly finished with a coating that will last a very long time. It is also vital that the laminated layers of the flooring hold over time.

While considerably more expensive to buy than laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring wears much better and is proven to have a much higher resale value than the laminate type. It is not as expensive as solid wood, but it performs well because it is dimensionally stable.

Certainly the ROI for machines that can deliver good quality engineered flooring is excellent.

The MESH Solution for Flooring and Lamination

MESH provides complete coating and laminating lines for engineered flooring. Our experienced team has extensive experience in handling materials, building machines, and developing process control systems and robotics. The company has a wide variety of automation technologies under one roof, so we are not limited or bound by specific parameters when we develop machines for customers.

The basic MESH approach is to develop the best machine and process solution for every customer. In essence, we:

  • deliver the raw materials
  • locate and guide the components
  • apply the glue
  • assemble and stack the finished engineered flooring boards in a variety of common sizes

Typical machine throughput volumes amount to as much as 5 million square meters per year.

Every MESH machine application is developed to individual specifications and volume requirements. You know what you want, and so we work with you to provide a complete solution that will meet your very specific needs.

We develop the scope of your project, design and build the machine and the part preparation and delivery system, as well as the machine unloading and curing solution.

Additionally, MESH is able to offer track and trace software package and remote diagnostic capabilities. We also offer all our customers ongoing support and service contracts.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you develop the best flooring and laminating equipment and material solutions for your business.