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SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are recognized as the backbone of industry today. A highly efficient industrial automation control system, SCADA software and hardware is at the core of numerous industries including food and beverage, energy, oil and gas, transportation, water and waste-water, recycling, and manufacturing.

SCADA systems use a wide range of different hardware and software elements to keep plant, equipment, and processes running smoothly. Primarily, SCADA enables companies in most industries to:

  • Collect, process and monitor data.
  • Keep records in log files.
  • Connect and interact with various control devices and machines including motors, pumps, and valves, using human-machine interface (HMI) software.

How SCADA Software and Hardware Work

Basically, SCADA architectures work by sending information from manual inputs or sensors to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or remote terminal units (RTU)s to computers programmed with SCADA software. The software is able to analyze the data and display it to help operators improve efficiency and reduce waste in various manufacturing processes. This can result in substantial savings both in terms of money and time.

The MESH Experience Using SCADA

At MESH Automation, we have experience working with various SCADA systems using both hardware and software components to help our customers gather real-time data from their processes, and in this way achieve better process control.

A SCADA system can help manufacturers monitor numerous process variables and help operators and managers respond to issues faster. You can also interact with the processes through an HMI.

We use a number of different SCADA software packages and designs including:

  • Wonderware, recognized as the market leader in software that manages real-time operations for infrastructure and manufacturing operations.
  • Indusoft, a powerful HMI software platform that supplies supervisory control as well as various data acquisition programs.
  • Ignition, a web-based, cross-platform, SCADA software solution driven by Java. Designed and tested for stability, it uses the same secure SSL technology that banks use.
  • Siemens, that offers efficient factory automated as well as HMI SCADA infrastructure applications. The systems offered by Siemens are scalable throughout the lifecycle of the software.
  • Rockwell Software, that provides integrate HMI software that is component based and designed to monitor and control automated processes and automation machines.

Whatever your SCADA needs, contact us to see how MESH Automation can help.