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In software engineering, traceability refers to the degree to which properties of documentation or code elements can be tracked to their origin. Traceability also enables engineers to establish how these elements relate to each other in time; for example, which is the successor and which is the predecessor.

Additionally, items are said to be traceable when it is possible to prove that the item or product complies with the specifications used to manufacture it.

Traceability Analysis and Traceability Matrixes

Traceability analysis involves tracking the components of a system as well as documentation relating to the system to ensure that:

  • Customer requirements have been followed and satisfied.
  • Nothing that had not been specified was used in, or introduced to, the product.
  • Each product documented was in compliance with the specifications of its predecessor.

Typically, traceability can be analyzed using a traceability matrix that tracks each step of manufacture both forward and backward, through each stage from design, through coding, to completion. Where traceability is lacking or non-existent, it is extremely difficult to maintain or extend software systems.

Since most software products, including databases, are incredibly complex, traceability matrixes are normally produced using proven automated tools.

Traceability With MESH Automation

The MESH Automation team has the software expertise, experience, and products to set up databases to provide customers with traceability. This ensures greater control of manufacturing processes, compliance with industry standards, and is essential for auditing purposes.

The databases MESH designs and builds record and store manufacturing process data collected with cutting edge Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

MESH works with several leading traceability software systems from different companies, specifically Wonderware, Siemens, Rockwell Software, Indusoft, and Ignition. We have extensive experience with all of these and choose the best system for each individual customer. For example:

  • The Wonderware Equipment Operations Module is a software module that is able to provide both traceability and operational advantages. It not only helps manufacturers capture complete records, but also facilitates quick responses to unexpected production events such as product recalls.
  • InduSoft SCADA software is especially useful for our customers in the food and beverage industry for meeting their traceability standards. This software allows group and user security eSignatures, and it includes built-in tools for regulatory compliance with the FDA.

Contact the MESH Automation engineering team today to find out how we can help with your traceability issues.