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Robotic Assembly

Robotic Assembly

Automating manufacturing assembly processes with robots expands production capabilities and offers many other potential benefits. Robotic assembly systems are ideal for pick and place programs, for welding, packaging and labeling, for palletizing, and for production inspection and testing procedures.

In all instances, efficiency and productivity are increased; product quality and consistency of products are improved along with increased accuracy of repeatability; wastage of materials is reduced; labor costs are saved; costly production errors are eliminated or at least reduced; and TAKT time, from the start of production to completion, is decreased. There are also fewer health and safety issues in the factory because of the overall reduction of mundane, repetitive tasks that would otherwise be performed by the human workforce.

Fixed automation becomes a more flexible operation when robots are used for assembly, and the high speed and quality of robotic performance maximizes throughput and increases system uptime.

Assembly robots are particularly well suited to lean industrial processes, with options like robotic vision improving accuracy and efficiency even further. Additionally, end-of-arm tooling may be customized so that each assembly robot used caters for very specific manufacturing needs, regardless of the application.


Robotic Assembly Systems from MESH Automation

MESH Automation is one of only a handful of specialist US integrators with the knowledge and experience to deliver successful robotic assembly solutions. Robotic assembly is a quickly evolving technology, and our proven expertise, along with our multiple in-house capabilities, allows us to create custom solutions for any manufacturing needs while keeping your bottom line in mind.

Our assembly robots are built by combining advanced vision systems that include 3D vision, sophisticated end-of-arm tools, and programming so they can join parts of an assembly quickly and accurately. Our robots are also versatile and can be built and programmed to perform multiple related functions including palletizing, machine tending and random part feeding.

At MESH we recognize that assembly by robots can increase the total output of goods, while still being cost-effective. Robots also allow you to have more consistent product quality, as well as a more regular, dependable output rate.

Whether you need robotic assembly systems to improve productivity, a process or a machine, we will work with you to develop a custom assembly solution. Contact us to discuss your needs.