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Robotic Dispensing

Robotic Dispensing

Automated dispensing systems are versatile robots that are simple to program and easy to operate. They can be used in numerous industries, improving accuracy when it comes to dispensing just about anything in production. However, automated and robotic dispensing often involve a unique combination of materials to be applied, as well as substrates, cure times, handling requirements and testing procedures, which means it is vital to identify the best solution for every business.

MESH Automation designs and builds engineered robotic dispensing solutions as well as standard lean cell dispensing modules. We have experience with both single- and multi-component materials and have successfully applied materials to a number of different substrates.

Our scope of supply is varied and comprehensive, and includes the design, build and installation of complete automated dispensing systems. We also supply stand-alone lean cells that are ideal for lower volume uses, as well as engineered robotic dispensing systems for continuous production.

More specifically, MESH supplies and handles:

  • Robotics and tooling
  • Robotic dispensing systems
  • Vision systems for guidance and post-application quality checks
  • Material handling systems for part presentation
  • Curing and part-packing, and preparation for palletizing
  • Purge units, cure ovens and environmentally controlled chambers

MESH Automation’s Valued Partners

Because of the need to ensure that the right procedures are used for different materials and substrates, MESH has partnered with industry leaders including:

  • Nordson for the most reliable, engineered fluid dispensing solutions
  • Graco for cutting edge solutions relevant to every possible industry
  • ViscoTec America for the very best dosing systems
  • EDF-Sonderhoff for top quality multi-component sealing compounds

Examples of Materials and Substrates MESH Has Worked With

Materials the MESH team has applied to various substrates robotically relate to a number of different industries including construction and automotive. Specific robotic dispensing projects have included adhesive dispensing and automated dispensing for sealants. Examples include:

  • Vision-guided robotic dispensing of silicone sealant to aluminum window frames, followed by placing the glass to seal and make the windows hurricane-proof.
  • Meter-mix of two-component PUR foam in place gasketing of:
    • Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum electrical enclosures using vision-guided robotics. The user was able to apply seal in batches as small as one part.
    • Foam instead of gasketing of automotive lights and center high mount stop lamps (CHMSLs).
  • Meter-mix of two-component PUR foam to molded appliance bodies in preparation of harsh winter conditions.
  • Hot-melt application of glue:
    • To polymerized PET door shields using foaming techniques for broadcast adhesions with minimal materials.
    • For pre-assembly of mild steel air conditioner outer support structures.
  • Single component dispensing of gasketing material to aluminum and iron engine heads and blocks. Several projects completed include:
    • Lean cells for low volume running parts to off-line manual load
    • Automatic dispensing station placed alongside the production line
    • Fully automated recipe driven systems
  • Application of wax-based lubricants to rubber seals for pre-assembly operations.
  • Butyl rubber glue applications for appliance assembly operations so glass could be joined to painted steel.

Contact the MESH Team

The experienced MESH sales and applications team will analyze your needs and recommend the best automated dispensing systems approach including materials and processes based on your individual requirements. We also offer track and trace software packages, remote diagnostic capabilities, as well as all-important support and service contracts to ensure your company’s robotic dispensing operations stay on track and improve your company’s bottom line.