MESH is exhibiting a MAC and MiniMAC at FABTECH in Atlanta, November 6-8!

Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Automated Stud Welding Systems

Automated Stud Welding Systems

Stud welding is a very longstanding, special application process that is quite different to other welding processes. Popular because of its simplicity, which can introduce large cost savings, stud welding also introduces other benefits as well. Stud welding doesn’t weaken the base metal, doesn’t have the adverse effect on water tightness that drilling and tapping for studs has and oftentimes can satisfy high-level aesthetic requirements. Traditionally used in the construction, automotive and shipbuilding industries, semi-automatic methods of stud welding have systematically moved towards full-on automation in the past two decades. Robotic stud welding automation is the newest automation technique, which is growing in popularity because it is reliable, accurate and involves minimal investment costs. More importantly, compared with gantry style automation, it allows for welding on more than a single plane.

Used for welding mild steels, low-alloy steels, stainless steels and aluminum, stud welding can be executed in most positions. Although considered a “special application”, stud welding is relatively simple and, when done correctly using the right machines, power sources and guns, foolproof.

The automation stud welding equipment MESH supplies is ideal for all industries that need studs welded to various parts in a precise manner that can be rapidly repeated. You will find that a properly made stud weld will exceed the strength of the stud!

When stud welding automation equipment is used, productivity is increased greatly because multiple tools can be run on one machine, operators can be trained quickly and the machine can be changed very quickly.

MESH Automated Stud Welding Equipment

The automated stud welding machines MESH builds have a compact footprint and meet all current safety standards. Material handling can be as simple as operator loaded to fully automatic. The machines offer minimal labor requirements with lights out operation possibilities. Fast cycle rates are not only quicker than those human operators can achieve, but are limited only by the power supply duty cycles. Additionally, higher accuracy and more consistent welds are achieved.

We don’t only supply automated equipment for high volume products. Our automated stud welding machines can process a series of raw material blanks to individual finished specifications one at a time, without any change over time.

Benefits include rugged and proven:

  • Equipment from HBS Welding for power supplies and stud guns
  • Motion control from Rockwell or Siemens
  • Robotics from ABB, Fanuc, or Motoman

Pre-Engineered Solutions

MESH has a variety of pre-engineered solutions to fit most applications. These reduce cost, risk and delivery time. Please see our Pre-Engineered solutions page.

Learn More About Wall-Mount Stud Welding Automation

Additionally, raw material feeding and handling of finished goods can easily be integrated into any of our systems.

When you partner with MESH Automation you have the assurance you are dealing with a company that can not only deliver the right automated process for your business, but also one that can take care of the raw material interface, controls integration, and any finished goods packaging solutions required.

Machine Specifications for Stud Welding Automation

Large format gantry machines

Weight: + 1,500 lbs  

Maximum size of incoming material blank, L x W x H: 144 in x 60 in x 16 in

HBS power supplies and stud guns with up to 8 stud types per machine

Medium format gantry machines

Weight: Maximum 500 lbs  

Maximum size of incoming material blank, L x W x H: 96 in x 48 in x 4 in

HBS power supplies and stud guns with up to 8 stud types per machine

Medium format robotic machines

Weight: Maximum 500 lbs  

Maximum size of incoming material blank, L x W x H: 96 in x 48 in x 4 in

Stud configurations: Custom for multi-plane welding

Robot brand: ABB, Fanuc, or Motoman

Semi automatic machines

Operator will load and unload machine onto positioner with fixture mounted. Robotic stud welder with HBS power supply and stud gun/s on safe side of machine

Stud placement is three-dimensional

All machines have:

  • HBS brand power supplies and automatic stud guns
  • Automatic stud feeding from bowl feeders with a bowl capacity of 1500-2000 (¼ in dia x ½ in)
  • Optional operator loaded manual stud feeding system for low volume studs
  • Stud type capability: CD, GAP or ARC process, M3-M12 or English equivalent
  • Speed of 3-8 secs per stud
  • Positional accuracy of about 0.015 in with a CPK of 1.33
  • Machine vision option to find features and apply studs concentric to feature
  • Pushbutton on HMI for changeover, so no tooling required
  • Harsh manufacturing environment capability. Nema12 with Nema4x option
  • Third party certifications: UL508, CE available on request
  • Powered roller or belt conveyor preferred for material handling. Other options available on request
  • Control systems include Rockwell, Siemens and Omron. Other options available
  • HMI system: Intuitive dimension-based screen using Rockwell, Wonderware, Simatic, IFix software and associated hardware with 12 in screen (standard). Optional recipe feed from customers’ servers. Other options available.

Machines are available for stainless steel and/or carbon steel applications. Click here to view our Automated Stud Welding Brochure.