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System Integration

System Integration

Products and systems used for various manufacturing operations need to be integrated so that all the different subsystems work efficiently, as a whole. What often happens is that companies buy stand-alone machines that are not integrated; or when they expand and increase the processes and machines used on the factory floor they don’t realize the importance of integrating them with the processes and machines that already exist.

System integration is a specialized process that enables manufacturing industries to apply safe, low-risk automation technology to the systems they use. At its most basic level, system integration will match existing products and systems with new ones, ensuring that they work together to achieve optimum productivity.

A systems integrator will start by troubleshooting any problems and finding ways to solve them. Then they will evaluate which method of integration will work best for each situation:

  • Vertical integration that integrates subsystems in relation to functionality.
  • Star or spaghetti integration that interconnects systems to various subsystems.
  • Horizontal integration that connects a specialized subsystem to all the other subsystems so that they can communicate.

Whatever method is used, the ultimate aim is to improve control of machines and factory communication, so that the whole operation is improved and productivity is increased.

System Integration from MESH Automation

MESH Automation is a able to help manufacturing facilities integrate their various production systems together seamlessly. Whether you want to implement a factory communications system that monitors your plant floor or you need to automate machine controls on existing equipment, our team has the expertise and experience to handle the job.

Often, when purchasing equipment from various suppliers, manufacturers buy individual products that do not interface to upstream or downstream equipment. The MESH solution provides the mechanical, process, and controls interface to integrate your systems together to produce a coordinated and efficient production system.

We work with a variety of different automation platforms and brands, including Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Omron, and Siemens. In addition to working with these, our engineers are also highly skilled at reviewing and modifying programming structures created by other companies and modifying them to meet your needs.

We can perform migration services from old, obsolete automation platforms to newer more advanced platforms, or we can provide migration from one brand to another. When performing system integration, we can also customize human machine interface (HMI) graphics to meet your operators’ requirements for ergonomics and control.

Does your business need system integration? If so, call MESH Automation to find out what we can do for you.