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Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Leak & Mass Flow Testing Machines

Leak & Mass Flow Testing Machines

Leak testing is an important process in many different industries. Mass flow leak testing provides an efficient, reliable way to check the integrity of various components used in production and manufacturing. It is also a relatively simple non-destructive testing method.

Mass flow leak testing uses a device to measure the flow of air and in this way, detect and calculate leak rates. It is suitable for both large and small volumes of different types, from exhaust systems and gas meters to kitchen appliances, and is often used on products that have air or gas flowing through them. Components that operate using liquids may also be tested this way.

Mass flow is a particularly useful technique for detecting very small leaks in large volumes. However, it is vital to ensure the testing machine has the correct flow meter range for the degree of sensitivity required. Electronic flow leak testing machines are commonly used for automatic mass flow testing.

MESH Automation engineers have extensive experience integrating leak and mass flow testing machines into a variety of production testing environments. The MESH team can design and build your test equipment as a stand-alone automatic or lean manufacturing cell, or design a system and incorporate this into an automatic assembly line. MESH engineers are also available to work on existing equipment as a retrofit.

The MESH Experience in Leak and Mass Flow Testing


The engineers at MESH have proven expertise in leak, inclusion, and mass flow testing having completed many successful projects for customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical and life sciences, food and beverage, and various other industries.

Our experience includes leak, inclusion, and mass flow testing of:

  • Tubing products
  • Weldments
  • Plastic assemblies
  • Seal assemblies

These, and other products represent areas where MESH can leverage many years of experience for the benefit of customers. Additionally, our leak and mass flow testing equipment is proven and can be used to guarantee many mission critical products customers in varied industries use today.

Whether your testing needs are very simple or require rigorous validation and calibration procedures, we can develop testing solutions to fit the specific needs of your manufacturing operation. Contact us today to discuss a custom solution for you.