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Defect Detection

Defect Detection

The importance of detecting defects in manufacturing cannot be underestimated. Of course it depends on what materials and manufacturing methods are used, but generally, defects threaten to compromise the integrity of parts and products, and they can undermine performance.

In welding, one of MESH Automation’s areas of expertise, there is a distinct difference between welding flaws (also called discontinuities) and defects. But the subject of weld defects is an extremely complex one. For instance, defective welds are undesirable, but they may not be the cause for the part or product to be rejected – or even repaired. In most cases specifications and codes determine issues that relate to defects including how to recognize them, repair them, and avoid them.

Similar parameters apply to other materials and processes. The challenge in terms of test and inspection is how to detect defects. There are various methods, and visual examination is one of them.

In all cases, some defects such as scratches, pits, or subtle color or texture inconsistencies can be hard or even impossible to identify using traditional methods. At best, there is room for mistakes to occur – and we all know that mistakes can be very costly. That’s why vision systems are an excellent option for production applications that require close inspection of parts, as well as in processes or assemblies where parts must be defect-free for safety, performance and for a myriad of other reasons.

Defect Detection by MESH Automation

The experienced team of engineers at MESH Automation is available to design, build and program vision systems that may be used to identify numerous different types of defects based on the specific needs and specifications of customers.

MESH has the in-house resources and staff available to integrate vision systems that detect defects into existing processes and equipment used for a range of different manufacturing industries. The MESH team is also well equipped to design and build new machines with automated vision systems geared for detecting defects.

Every manufacturing business needs test and inspection solutions, including valuable vision solutions. Whether you want a new system designed and built or an existing one upgraded, contact us to find out how we can help you with a top quality defect detection solution that will improve your operation.