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Measurement/ Quality Control

Measurement/ Quality Control

Quality management systems, including stringent quality control, are vitally important in all manufacturing industries. These involve constant checks and inspections so that real-time adjustments can be made to ensure quality is maintained, and where possible, improved.

Regardless of the specific business involved, design requirements include accurate measurement of components and parts. Furthermore, compliance with the relevant national and international standards, including ISO 9001, is essential, and the right tools must be used to measure and inspect component parts.

One of the greatest challenges relates to small precision components that are required in many different industries. These need to be accurately measured to ensure that mathematical elements including angles, circles, arcs, lines, and distances between any of these are exact. Key quality control equipment is used for this; very often machines that are custom designed and built for purpose.

The Role of Vision Systems in Measurement and Quality Control

In manufacturing, some parts need to have precise measurements or very specific placement on a product or assembly line. However, it’s not practical or even possible, in many instances, for a person to detect precision to the degree that is required. This is why vision systems can be an excellent option for production applications that require a part to have very precise measurements or be placed very precisely onto an assembled unit.

Vision systems are much faster and considerably more accurate than visual human inspection methods. This is a vital consideration for manufacturers operating in industries like consumer electronics, medical and life sciences, and automotive; and when top quality turnkey systems are used, increased automation results in higher throughput and yields, which invariably results in higher profitability.

MESH Automation Solutions for Measurement and Quality Control

The MESH Automation team can design, build and program vision systems to solve your most difficult production challenges. These systems can be programmed to measure parts or ensure that the placement of parts is done according to your exact specifications.

We have the in-house staff and resources to integrate vision systems into your existing processes and equipment. We are also able to design and build brand new machines that incorporate top quality, automated vision systems.

Contact us today to discuss how a measurement and quality control vision solution can cut costs and improve productivity in your plant.