MESH is exhibiting a MAC and MiniMAC at FABTECH in Atlanta, November 6-8!

Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Vision Lab

Vision Lab

MESH Automation has a very well-equipped vision laboratory that features exciting, high-tech, 3D vision systems including cameras and sensors. Just one of our many cutting-edge services, our vision lab enables the MESH team to give you better service and offer a competitive edge in the industry.

With 3D we are able to inspect parts for complex issues including physical defects that are characterized by height and laser-etched text, without the need for traditional lighting methods.

Features of the MESH Automation Vision Lab

Equipment in our state-of-the-art vision lab includes several Keyence items of equipment, a Cognex vision system, as well as hardware from a number of other internationally reputable vendors.

Our Keyence 3D vision system enables our technicians to perform highly accurate inspections in high-speed environments. Loaded with many powerful features designed to support international standards for machine vision inspection, our system is quick to set up and it is highly reliable. As part of the system, high-speed, high-res cameras can be connected seamlessly to laser heads that perform incredibly accurate 3D inspections. This in itself provides exceptionally powerful solutions for a number of recurring problems that arise in various areas of manufacture.

Keyence color and grey scale cameras are amongst the best in the industry. We offer a combination of area cameras and powerful line scan cameras that have both the power and flexibility to provide solutions for many applications. Included in the lab is our Keyence IV-5000 vision sensor that works with our cameras to control digital images.

Alongside our Keyence equipment, our industrial grade Cognex vision system enables us to inspect, identify, and guide parts using advanced vision tools including high-speed image acquisition.

Other vendors whose hardware we utilize are industrial automation specialists that design and manufacture a range of different systems and solutions including cameras, software, and vision sensors. They include:

  • Dalsa
  • Datalogic (formerly PPT Vision)
  • Omron
  • Epson

For MESH Automation, having a lab and 3D vision system on-site means we are able to provide customers with exceptionally fast turnaround times and provide close integration with design processes for machine builds. Contact us to see how we can help your business.