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Web Converting Equipment

Web Converting Equipment

Converting technologies and equipment needed to process sheets and various webs including paper, film, foil, and non-woven fabrics are improving all the time. MESH Automation has a team of expert engineers with a thorough understanding of web-based processes and converting systems. The challenge is to design, build and provide web-converting equipment that will deliver measurable advantages for customers’ production lines.

In general terms, the specifications for custom web converting equipment include:

  • General capabilities that relate to usage, for instance, whether it will be used on demand, for testing, or as part of a turnkey operation.
  • The specific type of equipment required. There are many options including unwinds and rewinds, laminators, pull and chill-roll stations, rotary die-cutters, flexo printing decks, and complete process lines.
  • Suitable materials and substrates. These include liner boards, paperboards and various paper substrates, films and foils, textiles, and non-woven materials.
  • Maximum width and thickness.
  • Slitting capability.
  • Rotary die-cutting and scoring capability.
  • Production speed required.

The MESH Automation Experience

MESH Automation has experience working with converting systems that range from perf systems, inline ultrasonic and adhesive bonding to cut and place technology. Our industry expertise in web-based processes includes cast film, non-woven materials, paper, printing, print drying and various textiles.

We have built excellent supplier relationships with Maxess, Dover Flexo, EMT, Branson, Kinetic Co., EFD, Nordson, ITW and others to supply our customer base with equipment of the highest value.

We specialize in custom processes and believe that the proper use of proven technologies, scientific analysis of the material properties, and experience in diverse processes sets us apart from other suppliers.

MESH engineers have designed, built and run web-based converting equipment that handle a number of web processes that use:

  • Spun bond / Meltblown non-woven materials
  • Textiles
  • Woven threads and monofilaments
  • Cast film
  • Laminating
  • Coating
  • Tissue converting and corrugation
  • Flexographic printing and drying processes

These processes are used to produce everything from baby diapers, wipes, and feminine hygiene products to medical devices including elastic belts and bands.

MESH Automation’s web converting equipment experience includes:

  • Inline ultrasonic bonding, laminating or bonding inline webs using hot melt, films or other means
  • High-speed unwinders and rewinders with zero speed butt and lap splicers
  • Ply bonding
  • Slitters shear and crush with quick-change capabilities
  • Cut and place technology

If you are looking for a web converting solution, contact MESH Automation today to discuss what we can do to help.