MESH is exhibiting a MAC and MiniMAC at FABTECH in Atlanta, November 6-8!

Come check us out at the HBS Stud Welding Partners booth(C13468) and the Kember America booth (C11352).

Full service CNC Machine shop

Full service CNC Machine shop

MESH Automation boasts a full-service CNC machine shop staffed by skilled machinists who use the latest technology to produce efficient, high-quality, accurate parts or machine components.

We use powerful Mastercam S7, 3D CAM software with SolidWorks interface to bring our designs to life.

The machine shop features a number of state-of-the-art CNC mills and lathes for manufacturing, including the:

  • Mazak 410A vertical mill that offers high accuracy for a wide variety of different applications in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.
  • Mazak 510B vertical mill that has more features that enhance productivity than any other vertical mills in its class. The intelligent machine functions this mill features are ideal for the same industries mentioned above.
  • Mazak VTC200 vertical mill that features a particularly powerful spindle and full traveling column design, as well as a fixed table that is ideal for machining any long or heavy workpieces. It is commonly used to make parts for the energy and food processing (con/agra) industries.
  • Mazak VCU400B vertical mill, an innovative machine that has a three-axis table designed for processing small parts very accurately. It is perfect for the medical industry and used for several other industries too.
  • Haas SL10 horizontal lathe that is highly accurate, extremely rigid, thermally stable, and very flexible.

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