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Flexible Packing Systems

MESH Flexible Packing Systems

If you need an automated system for palletizing, stacking, feeding, picking and placing your product – MESH Automation has either a preengineered solution or can customize the perfect system for your needs.

MESH has expertise and experience in handling fluid containers, cases, bags or sheet products.  We have delivered simple one robot cells, large gantry, small gantry, mixed pallet systems and multi robot plant wide systems.  Most systems also include the integration of a variety of OEM and custom equipment.


MESH Picking, Packing and Part Transfer Expertise

Robotic and Gantry Palletizing

MESH Automation has solutions that work for all the industries we serve. Whether you are looking for the simplest palletizing cell or a complex warehouse logistics solution, MESH has the experience and expertise to solve your case, bag or fluid container palletizing and de-palletizing issues in the most cost-effective way.

Our robotic palletizing systems  or gantry palletizing systems focus on innovative designs that maximize the reliability and value of every individual operation we work with. We factor in aspects like pallet build matrix, weight restrictions and load. We even consider ROI, weighing the costs of human labor versus automation (and robots), just to be sure we are able to help you make the right choices for your business.

Stacking, Feeding and Picking Systems

Automated stacking, feeding and Picking systems use the same technologies as our palletizing systems. These typically employ either robots or gantries depending on the travel and payloads required.  End of arm tooling design and material feed systems are of utmost importance. Because our wealth of experience and pre-engineered products, we can offer the system that delivers the best value.

Mixed Load Palletizing

Mixed load palletizing is where several SKU’s are palletized on a single pallet or single unit load.    MESH has delivered several systems that utilize our unique robot transfer unit with built in WIP rack for optimizing the robot motion and keeping the cycle rate at the best available.   Full layer or partial layer picking and placing are additional technologies used by MESH

Self Guided Vehicles - SDV and AGV

Self guided and driven vehicles are sometimes the best solution for moving finished goods or raw materials between machines or between production and warehousing.   MESH’s controls experience, high level software development expertise and our experience in the field allows us to give you the best unbiased solution and integrate it seamlessly.

Because our core competencies are in machine design and robotic automation we bring a distinct multidisciplinary advantage over others who deliver one dimensional approaches to material handling problems.

MESH is a certified system integrator of the Omron Lynx  self driving vehicle line of equipment.

Mesh Automation > Flexible Packing Systems

While every business has its own needs, MESH Automation recognizes basic engineering solutions that often work across the board for different industries. For this reason our highly experienced team of engineers has developed a number of pre-engineered solutions that meet incredibly varied needs, from manual operations to automated robotics. So, instead of starting totally from scratch, many of our customers are able to get going with high-tech equipment that has already been tested and is ready to go.

MAC Automation Cell Controller
The MAC Controller is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.
MAC Mesh Automation Cell | MESH Automation
The MAC (MESH Automation Cell) is a professional grade, pre-engineered, robotic-based flexible automation cell.
MESH Pallet Dispenser
MESH Pallet Dispenser | MESH Automation
MESH Automation’s Pallet Dispenser is a pre-engineered platform designed for flexibility and rugged performance.
Mesh Automation > Flexible Packing Systems

The MESH Automation Difference

Regardless of the size of your project, our engineers will focus on every relevant detail to make sure the robotic or gantry packing and palletizing solution we develop is tailored specifically for your manufacturing operation. Contact us and we’ll suggest ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.

Contact us today to discuss how we can develop a manufacturing solution that could help your business optimize productivity, increase efficiency, and potentially cut costs.

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