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Paper, Film, Foil, and Non-Woven

Paper, Film, Foil, and Non-Woven

The automated converting equipment market today is enormous. While it originally began catering for companies that needed packaging materials for foods and snacks, it has expanded radically since then, and today even serves the electronics and aerospace industries. The US paper converting industry alone is worth more than $400 million dollars per annum and provides materials for use in manufacturing for every market segment, from publishing to packaging and labeling. Industries that convert paper and other materials need specialized machinery to do a myriad of processes, depending on the niche industry to be supplied.

Conversion of base materials include a number of processes including waxing, coating, laminating and printing, as well as fabricating or forming the materials to produce composite items.

Paper may be used on its own or processed for specific use. For instance single web paper, which has just one layer, may be coated with polyethylene, wax, or some other material. Paper that isn’t coated is usually printed, fabricated or formed. There are many different types of film, some of which are plastic, some cellulosic, and some that contain metal. Similarly, there are many film paper, film and foil, and even film, foil and paper combinations, some coated and others not.

Materials and Machines for Automated Converting Equipment

Converting technology has improved exponentially during the 21st century, and there are at least six areas of specialization relating to the materials and equipment that are needed to process various webs and sheets including paper, film, foil and non-woven fabrics.

  1. New value-generating machines that utilize neo-functional materials, including paper, substrate films, metal foils, non-woven fabric, and various composite materials.
  2. Converting machines that can coat, laminate, and slit. These include film-forming machines.
  3. Process technology and equipment that uses inks, processes, and various materials that are essential for the realization of high tech wearable devices and flexible electronics.
  4. Converting technology equipment that specializes in decoration, creating new value via the fusion of function and ornamentation.
  5. Equipment for the full range of printing processes, traditional and new, including screen printing, digital printing, flexo, gravure, and machines that may be used for flexible packaging, labels and so on.
  6. Manufacturing equipment for finishing processes including coating, laminating, and slitting.

Automated Converting Equipment and Services from MESH

MESH Automation builds web handling machinery and drive and control systems for various paper, film, foil, and nonwoven converting industries.

We build new systems and modernize existing machines and processes. The service from MESH is unique in that we can rebuild, retool or build new machines or stations. For example, if you have a need for a new servo-driven flying cut-off to be added to an existing line, MESH will provide a one-stop solution for you.

Included in our experience are new machines and controls for flexible food packaging materials. These include print stations and high-speed slitters, roofing materials process line controls, plastic film extrusion, co-extrusion and laminating line control systems, paper embossing and laminating, non-woven machines. We also provide new and modernized cut and place modules unwinders, single and duplex rewinders, laminators, and material handling solutions.

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