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Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry operates in an extraordinarily challenging environment, driven by a growing need for effective, innovative and affordable health care products. An escalating occurrence of chronic diseases, aging populations that outlive their predecessors by decades, changing demographics and generally increasing consumer wealth, all continue to raise demand for pharmaceutical and life sciences products. These factors also boost the global health care spend, not only in first world countries but in emerging markets as well.

Sub-industries that operate within pharmaceuticals and the broad range of life sciences include companies that focus on medical devices, one of the industries that form an important part of the MESH Automation operation. There are also a number of different segments in the industry including:

  • Pharma segment Synonymous with companies that produce treatments for the many chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.
  • Biotech segment Synonymous with companies that produce biologic and specialty drugs including vaccines, and medication for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hepatitis C.
  • Generic and biosimilar segment Synonymous with companies that produce cheaper generic drugs and biological products that perform the same function as more expensive original drugs, biologic products, and various other medications.
  • Medical technology segment Synonymous with companies that manufacture products for in vitro diagnostics, neurology, and companion diagnostics (which is where medical devices come in.)
  • Wholesale and distribution segment Synonymous with global health care wholesalers and distributors. The American region continues to dominate this sector, with customers that include clinics and hospitals, as well as medical suppliers, laboratories, and home health care operations.

MESH works with all these segments.

Factors That Affect the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

There are a number of combined forces relating to regulations, developing science and technology, as well as market forces that continue to impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing and the life sciences industry.

The need to adapt to the ever-evolving risk and regulatory environment is particularly strong.

MESH has expertise in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation and Life Sciences Automation markets

MESH Automation is acutely aware of the need for time-critical programs and procedures in an industry that is advancing extremely rapidly. We understand the principles and practices that must be followed for pharmaceutical manufacturing automation processes to be validated within global regulatory frameworks.

Our expertise extends to and beyond assembly, test and inspection, as we offer our customers support for the most complex applications for every possible manufacturing procedure. Whether you manufacture sutures, contact lenses, insulin syringes, catheters or medications, MESH will partner with your company and help develop solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations.