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Build to Print Capabilities

MESH Automation Build to Print Capability

Build to print is a form of contract manufacturing. It is generally the best option when a machine or even a single component of a machine, or a piece of equipment that is part of an assembly line has to be replaced – particularly when it isn’t a standard part. It is though also used for new designs and builds.

Unlike build to specification, when a company will outsource the entire job, build to print projects require customers to supply assembly and production drawings, instructions, and manufacturing details. If it is a replacement part or piece of equipment, build to print ensures that the component or machine is replicated.

If the company requiring build to print has in-house engineers, they may undertake the design and drawings. If not, some companies opt to hire a third-party engineering firm to do this part of the job for them. The other alternative is to ask the supplier they contract to do the build to print job, to have the production drawings and details drawn up by their engineers.

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