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Manufacturing engineering has become increasingly dependent on computers for design and analysis of products and processes, particularly in the various industries MESH Automation serves. Engineers specializing in this discipline have to be able to develop all kinds of industrial automation software design solutions using multiple engineering concepts and practices.

MESH Automation has a dedicated software department with engineers who specialize in custom programming software, databases, and HMIs that will work with our customers’ internal standards and systems. We don’t deliver “boxed” products. Rather, we develop products on a customer-by-customer basis, offering high quality, one-of-a-kind solutions.

MESH Automation Software Design

The MESH engineers are also able to design solutions that enable manufacturers to display information about productivity progressively, as the process is in progress, Andon Boards, also known as lean manufacturing, process display, factory display and process control boards, provide a powerful means for visual management. Like SCADA systems, productivity displays show real-time data, and they allow those in charge to monitor ongoing performance and make decisions that will improve quality, efficiency, and uptime.

Additionally, MESH offers manufacturing intelligence systems to improve operations. These also rely on the collection and analysis of data and ultimately impact on profitability.

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