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MESH has developed an isolation partition system specifically for manufacturing and assembly lines.    They will provide an added layer of isolation needed to keep your employees working at a safer distance and protected better than the open and crowded assembly lines that are prevalent in many facilities. This isolation partition system can be configured very easily to fit a specific footprint and each station can be designed uniquely as needed with many features and options available.

These systems can also be used as a building block for your efforts in transitioning to a data based manufacturing system frequently talked about as “Industry 4.0” or the “Industrial Internet of Things”.

With the transition to less human density,  manufacturing and assembly lines will likely be reconfigured.     Some dramatically so.    Often affecting line length, speed and function.   Now is the time to think through, not only the immediate need, but also your future needs for flexible automation.    Being an automation company with over 20 years experience, MESH is ideally staffed and trained to help your company with products, services and ideas at each step of your reconfiguration.

Physical Features & Options
  • Infinitely configurable footprint and height
  • Partition shelves, parts bins, ceiling
  • LED lighting
  • Manual control screen for output devices
  • Operator cooling fan and or filtration
  • 110V outlets
  • Food grade, wash down and IP67 option
  • Tool balancers and tool holders
  • Ergo mat
  • PPE supply bins and sanitizer holder
  • Intercom
  • CCTV camera system
  • Entry warning to detect another person entering the space from outside the partition
IIoT and Industry 4.0
  • Ethernet I/O block for communication with the line or Supervisory control system PLC Rockwell, Omron or Siemens
  • Track and Trace features combined with Industry 4.0 software
  • Configurable with automated data collection, local and remotely located production screens and an array of available IIoT sensors and devices
  • Monitor and or HMI to enable visualization of the process and its key data for ease of use, including local and remote control, local and remote data access and aids in automatic changeovers
  • Use of IIoT and OEE for improving production performance
  • Flexible and responsive and interconnected processes allow the user to make more informed decisions.