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Processing Lines

MESH Automation Processing Lines

MESH Automation builds complete process lines for web handling and combination machines for the handling of web and discrete materials.  Our goal is to provide you with one an integrated machine that provides consistent results and that is easy to use. We are uniquely qualified to unwind, slit, glue and laminate, coat, cut to length, rewind and stack both flexible and rigid materials and products that combine flexible and rigid materials.

Our target applications for these machines and technologies include:

  • engineered flooring lines
  • countertop and building panel production lines
  • nonwoven materials process lines for medical and consumer products
MESH Processing Line Expertise

Web Converting Equipment

Converting technologies and equipment needed to process sheets and various webs including paper, film, foil, and non-woven fabrics are improving all the time. MESH Automation has a team of expert engineers with a thorough understanding of web-based processes and converting systems. The challenge is to design, build and provide web-converting equipment that will deliver measurable advantages for customers’ production lines.

Adhesive Lamination Lines

Adhesive lamination lines are used in many industries from flooring to doors and other similar building products. MESH has utilized our picking and palletizing technologies with our advanced knowledge of glue system integration to develop a complete lamination and glue line. No other North American company known to MESH has this technology in a complete line to offer.

Fluid Carrying Lines

Fluid carrying systems represent a specialized area within a variety of different industries, primarily the automotive, refrigeration and HVAC industries. The challenge is to design these systems to meet incredibly demanding needs that will withstand the full range of environmental hazards and risks, including abrasion and corrosion.

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