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Fluid Carrying Lines

MESH Fluid Carrying Systems

Fluid carrying systems represent a specialized area within a variety of different industries, primarily the automotive, refrigeration and HVAC industries. The challenge is to design these systems to meet incredibly demanding needs that will withstand the full range of environmental hazards and risks, including abrasion and corrosion.

MESH Automation recognizes the need for:

  • Quality that will ensure speed and flexibility that will enable our customers to produce the best quality products.
  • Innovation that makes it possible to deliver the best and most advanced high-tech solutions possible for fluid carrying systems.
  • The precision that will deliver systems with the best possible accuracy and efficiency.

MESH Automation’s Fluid Carrying Systems

Solutions include carrying lines with both double and single walls that can cope with fuel and brake systems, as well as plastic lines with multiple layers for exhaust treatment as well as thermal and vapor management. Various quick connectors form an integral part of these solutions.

Because fluid carrying systems need to handle both hot and cold materials, the materials used must be carefully chosen. Additionally, thermal products must be designed to be cost-effective, lightweight and durable, and they must deliver efficiency.

We’ve created machines for processing tubes made from a wide range of materials, from copper to coated steels and stainless steel.

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