Mesh Automation

Automated Guided Vehicles

MESH Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
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Make automation easy with AGVs from MESH Automation.  Partnering with Global AGV and Omron, MESH offers complete autonomous pallet handling systems. 

The AGV is at the heart of the system with conveyors, docking stations, pallet destackers, and storage units (all available from MESH), rounding out the solution to your flexible automation challenges. Ready to automate? Call MESH (770) 663-1471.

Pre Engineered Palletizing Cells
Mixed Load Palletizing System


The MACPal “OF”–  is designed for robotic palletizing of mixed cases.

IRB 640 palletizer robot


The MACPal is designed for robotic palletizing of cases, totes or bags.

Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.