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MESH Robotic Welding Solutions

If you need help improving your welding process, MESH Automation is your one-stop source. MESH specializes in automated and robotic welding systems, fixturing, and pre/post weld processing operations. MESH has experience with a wide variety of materials, a wide variety of welding processes, and has the know-how to solve even the most complex manufacturing challenges. Choose from our pre-engineered MAC based platforms or ask us for a custom solution.

Pre Engineered Robotic Welding Cells
Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.


The MACStud3D (MESH Automation Cell for stud welding) is a professional-grade, pre-engineered, robotics-based flexible automation cell.


The MACStud2d (Gantry format for automated stud welding) is a professional-grade, pre-engineered, gantry-based flexible automation cell.

Mesh Robotic Welding Expertise

Automated Arc Welding Systems

Automated and robotic welding is increasingly becoming more prevalent in the industry, especially with the large shortage of skilled welders and a more competitive marketplace.  Automation is the future for most manufacturing businesses and the only way to survive in today’s markets.  It allows for higher and more consistent production, higher quality parts and allows companies to avoid the pitfalls with employee turnover.

MESH is an expert in automating arc welding processes, especially those with lower volume, but higher product mixes and achieving high throughput, while also achieving high quality.  MESH has proven methods of quick tool change tooling and also offers both pre-engineered and custom solutions to help customers solve their complex production needs.

Automated Thin Aluminum Welding & Thin Gauge Metal Welding Systems

Parts constructed of thin aluminum or aluminum extrusion bring many benefits; they are cost-effective, they are light weight and they have great corrosion resistance.  Despite these benefits, these parts bring a unique and difficult production problem, thin aluminum is difficult to weld.  MESH has expertise in thin aluminum welding that results in solutions that reduce burn through, increasweld aesthetics and eliminate stress cracking while still maintaining high welding speeds.  

Automated Stud Welding Systems

Stud welding is used to manufacture various things such as vending machines, kiosks, electrical panels, lightingaircraft components and heat exchangers.  It is also used in special processes such as tagging large material billets with identification information and even securing insulation MESH offers solutions that are not only highly accurate, reliable and productive, but can be fully automatic, weld on multiple surfaces, automatically feed collar-type or difficult to feed studs, contain vision guidance and monitor weld quality.   

Automated Resistance Welding Systems

Resistance welding makes up a large part of the welding industry and MESH has expertise to automate your resistance welding processes.  MESH can handle parts from small gaskets to parts the size of automobile bodies

Automated Welding Grinding & Finishing Solutions

MESH not only has expertise in welding, but also specializes in automated grinding, brushing, and finishing processes.  After all, why increase welding production, but not consider automating the pre/post-processing of your parts?  MESH has a wide variety of expertise in grinding, brushing, buffing, polishing and sanding to prepare joints or finish your part.  Whether you want paint removed, spatter and slag removed, paint to stick better to the surface of your parts or want parts that are ready to be packaged and shipped, MESH has the expertise and ability to also handle the pre and post-processing of your parts   

Fixture Design and Tooling

When it comes to production welding or welding automation, it is easy to argue that fixturing is the most important aspect of any successful system. All good fixtures allow for proper part fit-up and are easy to use, but fixtures can also increase quality by reducing burn through and stress cracks. MESH designs and builds fixturing for both manual and automatic purposes. MESH’s specializes in fixtures that are heavy duty, easy to maintain, operator friendly and provide precise part fit-up. Whether you want to improve a basic manual welding process or need advanced fixturing for automation, MESH is a great source for your fixturing needs.

Automated Plasma Cutting Systems

Plasma cutting is an efficient and accurate way to cut parts for weldments. MESH has experience in high-definition plasma cutting with can produce parts ready to weld. MESH can produce systems that can cut anything from sheet metal to over 3.5 inches thick.

Automated Welding Maintenance, Optimization and Refurbishment

Already have automation and need service or optimization to improve throughput? MESH is your go-to source. MESH’s wide variety of experience and 24/7 service department gives us the ability to retool, reprogram and optimize production on existing automation.

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