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Skid mounted Systems

Skid mounted Systems

Skid mounted process equipment is used to distribute and store machinery that is used for modular and process systems, including fluid and gas systems. Once the equipment has been manufactured, it is permanently mounted onto rails, into a frame, or onto a metal pallet. This way the equipment can be transported easily and safely, and it can be used as a unit within a plant or factory.

Skid mounted systems are often vital processing segments within a larger system. Because they are mobile and geometrically efficient, they can be used very effectively within chemical plants that have tight spaces. Because they include their own control systems and electrical wiring, they reduce the need for electrical and mechanical points on site.

Skid Mounted Systems From MESH Automation

The MESH Automation team has built many portable and specialized process skids that include pumps, blowers, vessels, heat exchangers, control panels, and mixers, all designed to carry various instruments.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers design the skids, and our skilled tradesmen build them. Our process engineers calibrate the instruments and valves and certify the skid for operational use. Every stage of the work is completed on-site.

MESH has valuable expertise in build-to-print work, the reverse engineering of existing processes and equipment, and our team is available to complete full turnkey design and build of projects. Extensive and thorough documentation is completed, because this is essential for projects due to the safety aspects of most processes, process equipment and/or the exotic materials required for processes.

MESH has completed work in the challenging field of medical devices, pharmaceutical, and food processes and piping. The company has also supplied skids for boiler rooms, tank farms, pulp and paper plants, chemical production facilities, truck loading and unloading facilities, and for blending and batching operations.

Skid-based processes completed by MESH include:

  • Chemical metering pump skid (small to large with up to eight metering pumps)
  • Blending skid for epoxy-based chemical blending company
  • Blending skids for specialized chemical company
  • Ethanol digester and screw press skids
  • Ethanol vessel and pump skid
  • Boiler cleaning blower skids
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Petroleum-based pump skid for tank farm
  • Temperature control units for various processes in the plastics, pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Hydraulic power unit skids for a centralized plant system

Customers have chosen MESH Automation for several specialized and custom process equipment projects. These have included collaborative design with customers to produce one-of-a-kind designs fabricated in a precise manner with techniques that are readily available.

Examples of specialized process equipment designed and built by MESH include:

  • Debarking drum customization
  • Screw press for fiber dewatering
  • Fiber digester customization for ethanol process
  • Ethanol stripper column retrofit and redesign
  • Temperature-control unit for cast film line

Do you need some sort of skid-mounted system? If so, contact us today so we can discuss how the MESH Automation team can help you.