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Robotic Palletizing Systems from MESH Automation
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Innovative Palletizing Automation Systems

MESH Automation can create custom robotic palletizing systems that work for all the industries we serve. Whether you are looking for the simplest palletizing robot cell or a complex warehouse palletizing solution, MESH has the experience and expertise to solve your case, bag, bottle, bucket, or tote palletizing and de-palletizing requirements in the most cost-effective way.

Palletizing robots excel (over dedicated palletizers) in systems that have multiple infeeds (sku) and multiple outfeeds.  In addition, they are in their best element when the infeed product and outfeed configurations change on a frequent basis.  In other words, they are great for flexible automation.

It is critical to optimize the palletizing robot position, correct end-of-arm tool design with the proper material handling system when designing a robotic palletizing system for maximum ROI. MESH has delivered many systems using single or multiple robot cells and we know the cost factors involved.

Let our automation engineers help you design the perfect solution today!

MESH Robotic Palletizing Solutions for

Pre Engineered Palletizing Cells
Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.

Mixed Load Palletizing System


The MACPal “OF”–  is designed for robotic palletizing of mixed cases.

IRB 640 palletizer robot


The MACPal is designed for robotic palletizing of cases, totes or bags.