Robotic Machine Tending

MESH Robotic Machine Tending

MESH Automation offers industry-defining robotic machine tending with intuitive solutions. Our goal is to provide you with one an integrated system that provides consistent results and that is easy to use. Whether you have a product forming or product machining load/unload challenge, we are able to work through the problem from creative design to installation.

Pre Engineered Robotic Machine Tending Cells
Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.


The MACTend is a professional-grade skid-mounted tending cell designed for material handling and machine tending of small and medium-sized parts.

MESH Robotic Machine Tending Expertise

CNC Load and Unload

MESH Automation offers both custom-made and pre-engineered packages that are tooled and programmed to meet the needs of any manufacturing operation. These range from small footprint, roll-up, flexible loading cells to multi-robot and gantry-style robot systems that require a wide range of machined parts.

Our pre-engineered packages are based on the experience gained by completing over 150 machine tending projects.

When implementing modern robotics and controls, we can automate both older and new machine tools for customers. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to group several machines into one cell – often a mix of existing and new machines – to make one automated solution with a given takt time and known product quality.

We are also able to supply everything you need for a complete turnkey system using OEM CNC machines. Our flexibility allows us to build on your floor or in our factory, depending on your preference.

Press and Injection Mold Machine tending

MESH Automation has over ten years of experience in Robotic press tending and other similar machine tending operations such as riveters and machine fixtures used for a variety of forming operations.

For single robot systems, our pre-engineered packages are based on our highly flexible MAC platform used in many of our solutions.   Robotic loading of a raw material into a press and the subsequent  unload of the finished part requires experience in the type of press controls and Robotics.   Press tending of multiple inline presses requires highly developed skills in layout, end of arm tools and simulation of all the presses acting together as the part moves throughout the process.   MESH Automation’s in-house resources and experience can get your project over the top.