Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

At MESH Automation, we excel in integrating collaborative robots (cobots) into palletizing operations, streamlining the packaging process with unparalleled safety and flexibility. Our expertise allows us to design cobot solutions that work alongside human operators, enhancing productivity and efficiency while maintaining a focus on ergonomics and workplace safety.

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Cobot FAQ

What are the key differences between an Industrial (noncollaborative) robot and a cobot?
Industrial (noncollaborative) robots are designed to achieve maximum speed, payload, flexibility, and reach that is ideal for a specific application. The major brands of industrial robots typically have 50 or more models to choose from. Cobots are designed to work safely around humans and are thus limited in their reach, payload, and speed. If the application fits into the collaborative robot’s parameters, they are a good value, requiring little to no safety fencing and minimal floor space.

Are Cobots less expensive than Industrial (noncollaborative) robots?
The robot in most automation systems is just a part of the overall cost. When a Cobot is professionally specified and fits the application’s needs, the overall system can be a better value and price. The professionals at MESH can advise you about the pros and cons of each for your application.