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MESH Industries Served

MESH’s core competencies serve a wide variety of industries with modern automation solutions available.

MESH Industry Expertise

Aerospace Manufacturing Automation and Design

The aerospace industry has unique challenges, particularly when it comes to industrial equipment and manufacturing needs. Standard equipment is seldom suitable, and aircraft manufacturers look to engineering firms with strong, reliable capabilities that can provide very specific solutions for their needs. Sometimes it is possible to modify existing solutions to make them fit for purpose, but often totally customized aerospace manufacturing automation systems are required.

MESH has proven systems and capabilities together with top tooling and processing abilities that can do just this.

Automotive Factory Automation Systems

Whether you are an automotive manufacturer or a tier supplier, the expertise MESH offers to the automotive industry will help you and your business. Our capabilities have enabled us to develop a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations in terms of design, retooling requirements, and above all else, automation.

Consumer Product Manufacturing Automation

The MESH team has a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the consumer products industry. We recognize that it is a hugely diverse industry that covers a wide variety of products and processes. Our customers have uniquely different needs to each other, and we focus on these individually, to ensure that you have a competitive edge that will help you stand out from competitors and excel in your market niche.

Energy Automation Engineering

From product handling to assembly and testing, MESH has the experience and comprehensive understanding required by our customers. Overall there is no doubt that companies, in general, will have an increasing need for energy automation. Factory automation is at the core of our business, and this is where we can give our customers in the energy industry a competitive edge.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Automation

We are acutely aware that the food and beverage industry depends heavily on the right packaging, warehouse logistics, and time-to-market solutions. For this reason, MESH takes pride in offering customers the understanding and experience in navigating and developing cost-effective food and beverage automation solutions.

Foundry Automation

MESH supplies a range of robotic grinding solutions for foundries. We also load and unload machines for de-flashing and machining of cast parts.

Our experience includes solutions for aluminum and iron. These include aluminum sawing, sprue removal and de-flashing; and iron grinding and sawing to clean up raw castings prior to further processing.

Industrial Product Manufacturing Automation

We are able to provide the full range of industrial grade automation systems. Whether you need a single-station assembly system or a fully automated assembly line that incorporates test and inspection systems, we will develop it for you.

Medical Device Assembly, Test, and Inspect Automation

MESH Automation designs and builds the machines needed for automated assembly of medical devices as well as functional testing. Our manufacturing and testing solutions for medical devices and related products range from work cells that stand alone, to full-on turnkey product assembly lines.

Metal Forming Automation

MESH Automation designs, engineers, manufactures, tests and assembles metal forming automation systems for many applications including manufacturing, conveyor systems, pick and place, motion control and drive systems, as well as complex, highly efficient robotic systems.

We provide automated presses, robotic loaders, safety upgrades, assembly stations, inspection stations, gauging solutions and process line control system upgrades for the broad range of metal forming industries. These solutions are often tied in with our automated welding solutions to meet the challenges that our customers face.

Packaging Automation Solutions

MESH Automation is in a unique position to meet the packaging needs of a vast range of manufacturing customers who need new or integrated packaging equipment and/or processes. In particular, because factory automation is the core of our business, we are able to give our customers a truly competitive edge.

Web Converting Equipment

MESH Automation builds web handling machinery and drive and control systems for various paper, film, foil, and nonwoven converting industries.

We build new systems and modernize existing machines and processes. The service from MESH is unique in that we can rebuild, retool or build new machines or stations. For example, if you have a need for a new servo-driven flying cut-off to be added to an existing line, MESH will provide a one-stop solution for you.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Automation

MESH Automation is acutely aware of the need for time-critical programs and procedures in an industry that is advancing extremely rapidly. We understand the principles and practices that must be followed for pharmaceutical manufacturing automation processes to be validated within global regulatory frameworks.

Plastics and Injection Molding Automation

Like most other industries, the plastics industry benefits from factory automation, and this is one of MESH Automation’s most powerful areas of expertise. Whether you are in need of design engineering, machine tending of injection mold or blow mold processes, assembly, or part trimming, we have the experience and a comprehensive understanding of what’s involved.

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