Mixed Load Palletizing

MESH’s Mixed Pallet Building capabilities enable the creation of customized pallets containing a variety of products tailored to specific customer needs, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in supply chain operations. This technology streamlines warehouse management and distribution processes by allowing for more complex and diversified order fulfillment.

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Mixed Case Palletizing FAQ


Are the new sensor and AI technologies reliable?

MESH has partnered with suppliers that have hundreds of systems in operation around the world. While there are limits to any technology, after evaluation, MESH will point out any areas of concern.

Can the system handle taped or glued boxes?

Yes, our system can handle both taped and glued boxes on the top and bottom.

How much space does a typical system take up?

MESH has pre-engineered systems that can be as small as 60” x 144”. The size of the systems can vary and get much larger depending on the number of build stations required.