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While every business has its own needs, MESH Automation recognizes basic engineering solutions that often work across the board for different industries. For this reason our highly experienced team of engineers has developed a number of pre-engineered solutions that meet incredibly varied needs, from manual operations to automated robotics. So, instead of starting totally from scratch, many of our customers are able to get going with high-tech equipment that has already been tested and is ready to go. We recognize the diverse requirements of our clients, from welding to cutting, trimming, grinding, deburring, as well as assembly needs, vision inspections, and leak checks. Our pre-engineered solutions have been developed to meet all of these needs.

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robotic palletizing system for mixed cases
Robotic Palletizing - Simplifying Complex Warehouse Logistics
The last 18 months has generated an increase for automation in warehouse logistics throughout the U.S. and is fueled by both the increased cost of labor and labor availability. Some of the key benefits of robotic palletizing systems for warehouse automation include cost reduction, increase productivity, better reliability, and performance. One way to automate your warehouse facility is with a robotic palletizing system which enables the automatic stacking of goods and products. It also allows the depalletizing or unloading of goods. How Can Robotic Palletizing Solve Manual Challenges? Manufacturing production lines and warehouse operations are highly demanding in terms of increasing levels of growth, speed, and efficiency. Robotic palletizing helps manufacturers overcome challenges that they face with manual palletizing system. Some of the challenges are:
  • High labor costs or labor availability
  • Materials - heavy or hazardous
  • Price pressures
Robotic palletizing systems are the ideal tools for improving the throughput from production through the supply chain placing goods onto pallets for transfer and delivery. They are a great way to provide a feasible method to reduce operational costs and improve work efficiency in industries with tasks of loading or unloading goods, packaging, and palletizing.  Robotic Palletizing and Unitizing  Robots excel (over dedicated palletizers) in systems that have multiple infeeds and outfeeds. In addition, they are in their best element when the infeed and outfeed configurations change on a frequent basis. In other words, they are great at flexible automation. Gantry Palletizing  Gantries are sometimes the best solution when stacking awkward, long products or when great distances need to be moved. Gantries can also be used as controlled buffering zones. Robotic Bag Palletizing Palletizing bags brings with it additional factors compared to boxes or cases or other rigid products. Usually bag conditioning (flatteners, air removal features and other) needs to be considered in addition to the robot end of arm tool. Stack pattern is also very critical to creating a unit load that is dimensionally within tolerance and stays that way. MESH Automation Solution MESH Automation has solutions that work for all the industries we serve. Whether you are looking for the simplest palletizing cell or a complex warehouse logistics solution, MESH has the experience and expertise to solve your case, bag, or fluid container palletizing and depalletizing issues in the most cost-effective way. Our robotic palletizing systems or gantry palletizing systems focus on innovative designs that maximize the reliability and value of every individual operation we work with. We factor in aspects like pallet build matrix, weight restrictions and load. We even consider ROI, weighing the costs of human labor versus automation (and robots), just to be sure we can help you make the right choices for your business. Contact us today so we can begin working on solutions to automate your warehouse facility.
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