Robotic Depalletizing

MESH Automation Depalletizing Systems
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Better use of labor is driving robotic innovation into new territories. This need coupled with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 3d vision sensors have brought robotic depalletizing from a fringe solution to mainstream.

At MESH we have leveraged our robotic system expertise and have partnered with AI software and sensor suppliers to offer our customers robotic depalletizing solutions in their many forms. Bag depalletizing for raw material feeding or single SKU depalletizing at a return center or full layer/decanting depalletizing as a feed system for a rainbow pallet or mixed case pallet are all in our solution pack plus more.

Pre Engineered Palletizing & Material Handling Solutions
Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.

Mixed Load Palletizing System


The MACPal “OF”–  is designed for robotic palletizing of mixed cases.

IRB 640 palletizer robot


The MACPal is designed for robotic palletizing of cases, totes or bags.