Robotic Depalletizing

MESH leverages its robotic system expertise and partnerships with AI software and sensor suppliers to provide diverse robotic depalletizing solutions. Their solutions include bag depalletizing, single/mixed SKU depalletizing, and full layer/decanting depalletizing to meet various industry needs. Enhanced by AI and specialized end effectors, MESH’s systems aim to optimize cycle rates and improve employee utilization, offering tailored solutions with significant ROI.

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Depalletizing FAQ

Are the new sensor and AI technologies reliable? MESH has partnered with suppliers that have 100’s of systems in operation around the world. There are limits to this or any technology, but after evaluation MESH will point out any areas of concern.

Can the system handle taped or glued boxes? Yes, our system can handle a taped or glued box top and bottom. Open top cases can also be handled depending on the stacking arrangement.

How much space does a typical system take up? MESH has pre-engineered systems that are as small as 60” x 144”.