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Metal Forming Automation Equipment

Metal forming may be done in various ways, and it has a myriad of uses. The type of metal to be worked will determine whether it is formed – or reshaped – while hot or cold, or possibly just warm, and exactly which process is used to form it. Hot working processes include extrusion and forging, while cold working processes including drawing, shearing and bending. Rolling may be done when the metal is hot or cold. In all instances, the shape of the material is literally transformed, by compressing, bending or stretching it in a particular way.

Since metal is formed to make any number of items from thumbtacks and wire to metal sheets, tubes and pipes, there are many variations and forming techniques. The machinery and other equipment required is also hugely varied. Metal forming automation increases production efficiency and streamlines processes.

MESH robotics, vision systems, safety controls and machine building experience are available to assist you with automating your processes. We have the experience combined with process knowledge and a deep understanding of the products and services in the metal forming industry to help you meet the demands and increasing requirements involved in automated stamping, fabricating and forming.

In all cases, MESH can offer track and trace software packages, remote diagnostic capabilities and ongoing support and service contracts.

Contact us to discuss what we can do to provide the best possible metal forming solution to meet your needs.

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