High Speed Robotic Bag Palletizing System

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Custom High Speed Robotic Bag Palletizing System
Customer Requirements

Seamlessly integrate a palletizing system into the customer’s current pallet dispenser, slip sheet dispenser, Hamer bag filler, bag accumulation system, pacing and picking conveyor, and a stretch wrapper.

MESH designed, manufactured, integrated, and started up a high-speed robotic palletizing system.


Cycle Rate: The Robotic Palletizer palletized at the rate of 24 bags per minute for the 1.5/2cf bags and 21 bags per minute for the 3cf bags. 

System Components
  • One bag conditioning conveyor was used to flatten the bag and redistribute the material before reaching the robot.
  • The conditioned bags were conveyed onto a bag picking conveyor where they were moved to the robot's pick point.
  • One KUKA KR180PA palletizing robot with an adjustable claw type end-of- arm tool picked and stacked bags onto a waiting pallet in a specified configuration.
  • A stacking conveyor was installed next to the pallet and slip sheet dispenser to bring the pallet into position for stacking.