Robotic Case Palletizing Project

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Custom Robotic Case Palletizing System
Customer Requirements & Project Information

Customer Requirement: A robotic case palletizing system that would receive cased products from two assembly lines, receive pallets, stack cases on the pallets, stretch wrap the stack, and offload the finished pallet.

THE SOLUTION: MESH designed, manufactured, integrated, and started up a custom-engineered case palletizing system.

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Precise Picking and Stacking

MESH’s system used a Yaskawa Motoman robot and a custom end-of-arm tool to pick and place pallets and cases.

Case Delivery

The system included two infeed conveyors to receive and move cases from the customer’s assembly lines to the robot’s pick points.

Pallet Delivery

The MESH Destacker dispensed one shipping pallet to the robot’s pick point.

Build Stations, Finished Pallet Delivery, & Wrapping

The robot stacked pallets and cases on one of two build stations. Completed stacks were transferred to the finished product conveyor for stretch wrapping and offloading.

  • Two conveyors received cased goods from two assembly lines.
  • A transfer conveyor was used for stacking and delivering the stack to the stretch wrap machine.
  • One Yaskawa robot with 160 kg handling capacity, 3159mm horizontal reach and 3024mm vertical reach was used to pick and place cases and empty pallets on one of the two build stations.
  • A PIAB vacuum gripper end of arm tool was used to lift cases up to 60 lbs.
User Friendly Operator Interface Features

The MESH Pallet Destacker was used to deliver a pallet to the robot’s pick point. Features included a painted steel weldment frame, an approximate 15- pallet capacity, retracting dog-style actuator to lift, drop one pallet and return, powered by local pneumatics and electrics, and controlled by the main PLC.

  • Cell overview with status of robot, safeties, mode
  • Alarm banner at top of every screen
  • Screen navigation and fault reset at bottom of every screen
  • Manual control screen for output devices
  • Input status screen for all sensor
  • Active alarms screen and Alarm history screen
  • Product selection screen
  • Product parameters edit screen
  • Production counters – total parts processed and cycle time
  • 95% OEE
  • Cycle Rate: 2 minutes per cycle, which includes picking and stacking one pallet and four cases