Robotic Tote Palletizing Project

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Robotic Tote Palletizing System
Customer Requirements and Solution

Customer Requirement: A robotic system to receive two sizes of totes from their three incoming conveyors and stack them on a sleigh board and shipping pallet, fully or partially stretch wrap the stack then label and offload the stack.

Solution: MESH designed, manufactured, integrated, and initiated start-up for a custom-engineered tote palletizing system.

This project required user-friendly solutions to complex automation challenges:

System Interface & Precise Picking and Packing

The MESH PLC package coordinated with the customer’s interface for tote ID, label orientation, pallet ID, and stacking requirements.

MESH’s system included three identical robotic cells that received totes. The robot picked the totes in pairs and stacked them onto a waiting pallet. MESH tote pick-up stations were used.

Pallet Delivery and Wrapping

The transport system extended through all three robotic cells to deliver an empty sleigh board pallet to the MESH Destacker. The MESH Destacker dispensed one shipping pallet onto the sleigh board. The conveyor system moved these two empty pallets to a transfer cart. The transfer cart delivered the empty pallet to the next available robot’s stacking position. The transfer cart delivered the full stack to the finished product conveyor for wrapping, labeling, and offloading.