Customized Robotic Case Packing System

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Automated Case Packing System
Customer Requirements & Project Info

Customer Requirement: A robotic case packing system that would unfold cases, pick and pack bottles into a case, close and seal the case, label, and offload the sealed case.

System Process:

  • Case blanks were loaded into a fully adjustable case erector.
  • MESH’s pneumatic gripper assembly gripped and opened the flat case.
  • A shuttle system folded the bottom flaps and sealed them with tape.
  • A conveyor moved the bottom sealed case onto an accumulation conveyor and staging area in position for robotic loading.
  • An infeed conveyor delivered bottles to the robot. The system packed up to three different bottle sizes.
  • A 6-axis ABB IRB1600 Robot with a 12 kg payload and 1441 mm reach was used to pick bottles and pack them in the case.
  • PIAB vacuum generator end-of-arm tool was used to pick and place up to 6 bottles
  • Packed cases advanced to the top flat case sealer and then to labeling and offloading.
  • 90% OEE
  • Cycle Rate: 60 bottles per minute
User Friendly PLC & HMI
  • Cell overview with status of robot, safeties, mode
  • Alarm banner at top of every screen
  • Screen navigation and fault reset at bottom of every screen
  • Manual control screen for output devices
  • Input status screen for all sensors
  • Active alarms screen and Alarm history screen
  • Product selection screen
  • Product parameters edit screen
  • Production counters – total parts processed and cycle time.