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Robotic Case Packers & Robotic Case Palletizers

Robotic Case Packers and Case Palletizers by MESH
case palletizing and handling

A robotic case packer and case palletizer system can improve efficiency, labor utilization, safety, and quality on the factory floor. They also increase flexibility for companies that need solutions for special product handling applications and short production runs. However simple or complex your operation is, you need a reliable system that will improve productivity and increase your bottom line.

But how do you know which robotic case packer or palletizer systems will be best for your business? MESH Automation designs and manufactures high-tech, flexible, and reliable robotic solutions as standalone pieces of equipment or fully integrated turnkey solutions from case packing to the warehouse. With your return on investment (ROI) in mind, our team will design and deliver a system to maximize your production and human resources.

Benefits of MESH Case Packer and Palletizing Solutions

Robotic picking, packing, and palletizing solutions go hand-in-hand with one another. With a flexible automation system, you will find that quality, productivity, and workforce capabilities will invariably improve.

MESH specializes in custom designs that are configured to cater to all types of industries and niches. These range from personal care products, building products and food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Automated and robotic solutions are as diverse as the industries that use them.

Some typical benefits of MESH solutions include:

  • Highly efficient case palletizer systems that increase production rates, improve labor utilization, improve job conditions (better ergonomics, less forklift interaction…) reduce product waste and improve product and package quality.
  • Solutions for small batch size operations – Easy changeovers from the pushbutton changeover to quick change no tool technology. Simple systems for operators to understand what to do in a changeover.
  • Flexible designs and specifications that cater to multiple product lines, future product modifications and changes, and altered pallet patterns with customized footprints to optimize floor space
  • Systems that can be integrated with planned or existing equipment such as case erectors, case sealer, labeler, stretch wrapper, or conveyor systems.
  • Product flexibility – Robots that can case pack rigid and non-rigid containers in a variety of packaging configurations. Single or multiple products picks to improve on package throughput.
  • A comprehensive range of robot loading arms that suit specifications for speeds, unit loads, and layout requirements
  • Fewer risks of product damage because of the accuracy and control over the acceleration and deceleration of the product through the use of robotics.


Case Palletizing FAQ

How do robotic case packers work?How do robotic case palletizers work?What advantages do robotic palletizers have over conventional palletizers? What advantages do robotic case packers have over conventional case packers?
Robotic case packers fulfill the entire packing process. They queue products for packing and then feed containers for packaging into position. The robot, equipped with an end of arm tool (EOAT), picks products from a conveyor and places them gently into the required package. Labels, insert cards and special promotional items are easily integrated into the system if needed.
Robotic case palletizers transfer packed cases or containers from conveyors onto pallets quickly, placing them accurately layer by layer, depending on the pallet patterns required. These patterns can be programmed into the robotic palletizer and changed at any time. Pallet entry into the robotic case palletizer can be handled in many ways including the robot. In addition to handling pallets, these robots can also handle slip sheets and tier sheets using a custom-designed EOAT for automatic pallet handling.
Unlike conventional palletizers, robotic palletizers can process multiple SKU’s and layer configurations at any given time. Conventional palletizers can be rough on the product. Robotic palletizers handle product more gently than a human.
Robotic case packers by their nature are flexible and this allow a wide variety of products to be packed with little to no changeovers. Their compact and highly developed design allows for a small footprint for their comparable operation. Case openers can be integrated easily with the robotic case packer (MACPac) for a compact footprint. Robots are ideal for handling sensitive products.

Pre Engineered Palletizing & Material Handling Solutions
Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.

Mixed Load Palletizing System


The MACPal “OF”–  is designed for robotic palletizing of mixed cases.

IRB 640 palletizer robot


The MACPal is designed for robotic palletizing of cases, totes or bags.

Palletizing Line Controller for Automated Systems by MESH Automation


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.


The MACPac (MESH Automation Cell for case opening and packing) is a professional-grade, pre-engineered, robotics-based flexible automation cell.