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Mesh Invests by Adding a Cleanroom to Their 15-Acre Campus

MESH Automation, providing world-class flexible automation solutions to industry, has announced investing in a cleanroom to limit environmental contaminants, such as carbon dust and other contaminants, for their food and beveragemedical and pharmaceutical customers.

MESH has taken steps to comply with cleanroom standards including a dedicated air filtration zone, sealed room, and the implementation of policies needed to maintain the integrity of the space.

“We are always looking for better ways to service our customers. Our food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical customers have high standards in the building of their automation equipment, that is why we have invested in making an area within our facility to improve our manufacturing process,” said Mitch Larson, President of MESH.

Cleanrooms are used in certain industries to maintain low levels of carbon dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles that can adversely affect the manufacturing process. A cleanroom can reduce particulate contamination and control other environmental pollutants such as temperature, humidity, or pressure.

About MESH Automation   

MESH Automation was founded in 1999 as an engineering services company. Their focus is to develop flexible automation solutions for industrial manufacturers.

They not only specialize in designing and building engineered machines, robotic solutions, and systems but also offer many pre-engineered solutions. These include automation platforms called MAC cells, prepared for rapid implementation into a variety of material handling and process applications.

Their experienced team of designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, machinists, panel builders, and technicians are ready to work with customers to create customized solutions aimed at helping them accomplish their goals no matter how big or small they are.

MESH Automation is headquartered at 268 Successful Way, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534, United States (US).  For more information, please call: 888.506.7697 or visit our website

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