Mesh Automation






The MACArc (MESH Automation Cell for arc welding) is a professional-grade, pre-engineered, robotics-based flexible automation cell. The MACARC is ideally designed for welding type processes, The pre-engineered features and options make for a great value with quick deliveries, while also allowing for easy size and layout customization.

This third generation of design has been fine-tuned to provide a service life greater than 15 years,  unparalleled fit and finish,  modern globally available hardware,  precision designs for product repeatability and low process variability, and features like our “large frame servo fixture” that allows for push-button changeovers and a batch size of one processing.

MESH has partnered with a variety of well-known industry leaders to outfit the MACArc with the following top of the line Welding specific components and features:

Welding Power Supply: Fronius, SKS, Miller, Lincoln, others

Torch: Fronius, SKS, Abicor Binzel, others

Models5x7 MINI8x129x16
Skid nom. dimension5’W x 7’L x 7’H8’W x 12’L x 8’H9’W x 16’L x 8’H
Robot qtyOne standard (up to two)One standard (up to three)
Robot RiserYes
Sheet Metal GuardingYes
WindowsOne standard (mounted in door) Additional windows optional.
Front Guarding TypeLight curtain protection
Industry 4.0 compliantYes. Data package optional.
Guard door typeOne standard, 36” wide, swing or sliding door. Multiple doors available on request.
Guard door switchPower to unlock, (1) E-stop, (3) PB's, escape handle
High Voltage ControlsHigh Voltage Power Distribution Panel
Low Voltage Controls (Rockwell)Rockwell CompactLogix L30, Dual ethernet, Safety PLC
Low Voltage Controls (Siemens)Siemens S7 1200F dual Profinet, Safety PLC
HMI (Rockwell)PanelView Plus 7, Touch Screen, 10.4 inches
HMI (Siemens)SIMATIC TP900, 9 inches
Independent shielding gasSMC brand components
Wire pay-off packageDrum or spool, wire straightener with pneumatic feed assist.
Torch Maintenance packageWire cutter, reamer or brush and/or anti-spatter sprayer
SafetyFully Compliant with ISO 12100 and ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 safety standards. ABB Safemove II, Fanuc DCS or Yaskawa Motoman FSU
ConnectionsElectrical: 460VAC, 30Amp, Pneumatic: 85psi min.



Fixture specifically designed to hold frame type products. Servo motion control for a push-button batch size of one processing. Software added for robot following of each corner automatically.


- Single Axis turntable
- “H” Frame Welding Positioner (turntable with headstock/tailstock on either side)
- Single or Multi-axis vertical turntable or Ferris wheel with headstock/tailstock


Reaming and brush station on a stand


Device to sense the end of wire

  • Robot(s): ABB, Yaskawa Motoman, and Fanuc brand arc welding robot(s)
  • Fixturing: Custom designed and professionally built with features such as remote I/O blocks mounted on each fixture, cleanly run and shielded cables, anti-spatter features such as coatings or shields. MESH partners with Forster America for “T” slot fixture base.
  • Seam finding packages: Abicor Binzel (Scansonic), Meta Vision, SERVO-ROBOT, others
  • Robot Carrier or Robot transfer unit: Up to 30’ long with overhead or floor mount, 3 m/s velocity.
  • Front Guarding:
    • Light curtain or scanner protection
    • Solid guarding (integration into a multi-process automation line)
    • Fast overhead door
    • Others


  • Fume Collection/Roof: Kemper America exhaust hood with Central Unit, Sheet metal roof, other options
  • Process camera packages: CCTV camera with TV or industrial monitor mounted to the outside of the cell.
  • 2D and 3D vision packages
  • Cell lighting packages
  • Large monitor with industrial PC
  • O&M Manual storage on HMI
  • Remote Troubleshooting