Mesh Automation


These compact highly capable machine platforms are priced to offer high value due to their pre-engineered configurations and are fully compliant with safety, quality and ergonomic requirements that are demanded by high-end manufacturing facilities in all industries.

Base Machine Specifications and Performance Features
Skid nom. Dimensions5' x 7'5' x 9'5' x 9'
Robot capableYes <1.65m reach
Sheet Metal GuardingYes
Front Guarding TypeNoneSliding door actuated by operator from one side Light curtain
Guard windowsFour standard
Access doorOne hinged door in back. Special tool to open.
Industry 4.0 compliantYes
Life time cycles30 million
Guard MechanismNoneLocking Solenoid type Light Curtain
Working Height39.4”/1meter – Other heights are available upon request
Robot repeatabilityRobot repeatability = .02mm, path accuracy = .19mm
ControlsRobot Controller only with power distribution panel/ disconnect
HMIRobot Pendant w/ custom screens
Stack LightThree color, low profile, mounted on top
SafetyFully Compliant with ISO 12100 and ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 safety standards. ABB Safemove II, Fanuc DCS or Yaskawa Motoman FSU
ConnectionsElectrical: 460VAC, 30Amp, Pneumatic: 85psi min.
Configurable Options (Robot Options)
ManufacturerModelReach (m)Payload (Kg)Other
ABBIRB 12000.70 to 0.905 to 7Arc Welding & Material handling
IRB 1400.816Arc Welding & Material handling
IRB 16001.2 to 1.456 to 10Arc Welding & Material handling
IRB 1660ID1.554 to 6Arc Welding
FanucLR Mate 200iD0.55 to 0.914 to 7Material handling
LR Mate 200iD/7H0.727 (5 axis) Material handling
M-101.1 to 1.647 to 12Arc Welding & Material handling
Yaskawa MotomanGP7, 8 and 120.73 to 0.937 to 12Material handling
MH6, 121.42 to 1.446 to 12Material handling
AR700, 9000.73 to 0.937 to 8Arc Welding
AR1440, 20101.44 to 2.0112Arc Welding
Configurable Options (Cont.)
  • PLC Panel: Rockwell or Siemens
  • Remote HMI:
    • PanelView Plus 7, Touch Screen, 10.4 inches
    • SIMATIC TP900, 9 inches
  • Press station
    • Heavy duty die set actuated via pneumatics, air-over-hydraulics, or servo ball screw.
  • Assembly Module
    • Bowl feeder part feeding systems
    • Fastening systems including torque feedback
    • Index conveyor with vision picking
  • Vision Inspection
    • Uses a Cognex or Keyence camera to check the processed part against the known specification and tolerance.
  • Part Reject Drawer – Locked
    • If the part does not meet specifications, the machine will hold the part and wait for the operator to acknowledge and put the part into the locked reject drawer before restarting.   Sensor in the drawer must be triggered prior to machine restart.


  • Arc Welding Module
    • Fronius, Miller or Lincoln Power Supply
    • Abicor BInzel or Fronius Torch
    • Kemper & Forster America fixturing and fume collection
  • Stud Welding Module
    • HBS power supply, gun and cable.
    • HBS or custom stud bowl feeder
    • Nonflanged stud feeding capable
  • Part Marking
    • Laser, dot peen or scribing systems from well-known suppliers (Keyence, Technifor & others).
  • Poke Yoke Systems
  • Remote Connectivity
    • Device which allows the MESH service team to remotely connect to the machine. Significantly reduces service cost and machine downtime in the event of an issue.
  • UL508a/CUL508a
    • UL508a or CUL508a control panel certification.


The MESH Automation Difference

At MESH, we partner with our customers and aim to exceed your expectations at every step of the project.  This means we learn about your production needs and gain a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process of your product and your plant culture before we develop a solution for you. Contact us and we will suggest ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.

Contact us today to discuss how we can develop a manufacturing solution that could help your business optimize productivity, increase efficiency, and potentially cut costs.

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